I Took A Little Break, Here Is Why! (+little update)

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HI guys! long time no see I suppose. I think it has been 2 months  since my last post and I know I’ve taken breaks a lot this year but that was because I had struggles with what I wanted to do with my blog, this time it’s a little bit different and it actually was not a break that I wanted to make but I had to make, and today I will tell you why!

If you’ve read my last couple of posts you would know that I was planning my wedding, that is kinda the reason of this break. When April came around we began to be a lot more busy planning and mentally I was really stressed so without thinking blogging went to the sidelines for a bit.

I had my wedding day the 10th of May which was an amazing day but I will talk about it in detail in my next post. When the wedding was over and me and my husband had a bit of a relaxing at home kinda vacation I really wanted to start blogging again but I wanted my first post to be about my wedding which is kinda obvious. The only problem was that our photographer was really busy so the pictures took a while, and I mean a wedding post without pictures is kinda boring so I wanted to wait to start blogging again if we had the photos but now we’re more than a month further and this week we will finally get to see our pictures and I can’t wait! So be prepared for the whole wedding post this week!

Now I also think I owe you all a little bit of an update on what happened these past months. A lot of drama a lot of stress BUT we are surviving!

My husband’s grand parents couldn’t come to the wedding unfortunately because they live like 3.5 hours away from us and are not that well health wise so a week of so after our wedding we decided to go to them. Because of my hay fever a day before we went I got a throat infection and I had a fever, chills and the whole shabam. We also sat in the car for 7 hours on that day and my body and everything hurt so much. It was really fun being there but it was a very painful day. We also had some drama again with our cat and going to the vet once again because of her teeth, this problem is still going on right now. We also recently rented a storage unit which was about time because our clutter room was getting a little bit out of hand… Then our scooter decided to just stop working I guess and now our transport is our legs for 2 weeks now. I mean we do get our daily steps now I think lol. It really sucks missing your only way of transport but ow well. we will be broke after all those things. From our wedding gifts we bought a really nice bed, I know it sounds a little weird to be super happy about a bed but we are sleeping on a mattress for 2 years now so this is totally great! I know I’m telling a lot of bad news but yeah that’s basically our lives, that’s also the reason why I want to tattoo Bad Luck on my legs because that’s what happens everywhere I go (this is no joke though I’m getting this tattoo soon). Some exciting news that also happend is, I got my first real sale on my Etsy from a stranger! How exciting! I’m still creating a lot and I can’t wait till it finally starts to roll.

I think that’s basically what happend in these last few months as far as I know off. I will be posting that wedding post somewhat later this week so stay tuned if you want to see my amazingly beautiful dress!

Thanks for reading and I will see you all very soon!



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