The Incredible Face Mask From Maybeauty | Review.

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I’m maybe a bit late for this hype but that’s okay! I’m talking about the black peel off face masks that makes people cry (lol!) Maybe that was the reason I haven’t done it yet? It’s quite scary looking! But now I can proudly say that I’ve done it, but does it work? Is it really that incredible? Let’s find out together!

Pinitthe incredible face mask

I got this mask in one of my Bluxbox Boxes and I was really excited to test it out. It has taken a while before I had the courage to do this that’s why it was collecting a lot of dust in my face mask drawer, I’m just kidding of course haha, I’m not scared of a little face mask, pff!

The mask is in this one time use packaging. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that although I like a tube with more than one use a lot more, but you can’t have everything! On the front of the package it says it removes blackheads, dead skin, impurities and oil. Let’s see if that’s really the case!

Pinitthe incredible face mask

On the back of the packaging you’ll find the instructions on how to use the product and the list of ingredients.

It says that the masks penetrates the skin deeply to removes any impurities and oil to make your face feel smoother, look cleaner and more beautiful. You need to apply the mask on clean and dry skin like every other mask. When applying the mask you need to be careful to not put it in your eyebrows because the mask can remove facial hair (that’s the part that sounds quite terrifying!). You need to leave the mask on for 30 to 45 minutes which seems pretty long, then peel off the mask and remove any residue using warm water.

Pinitthe incredible face mask

This is what my face looked like before putting on the mask. Excuse the state of my skin, it was that time of the month so I thought it would be perfect to test out this mask. I have some zits on my chin and forehead and a lot of enlarged pores and blackheads on my nose and cheeks.

Let’s go!

Pinitthe incredible face mask

This is the mask when I just applied it and when it’s still wet. Applying it went pretty easy I used a spatula for it and it worked really well spreading the product on my face.

Pinitthe incredible face mask

This is what the mask looks like completely dry. I left it on for 45 minutes because there were a few patches on my cheeks that just wouldn’t dry. The mask didn’t feel uncomfortable, itchy or burning which I didn’t expect. The mask smelled like lemons so I thought that it was gonna burn like crazy because my skin is very sensitive, but it didn’t which is a really good thing!

Pinitthe incredible face mask

This is what my face looks like after I peeled off the mask. I still have some black bits on my face because I didn’t wash my face yet. Now you will all be having the burning question, did it hurt??? Actually I was expecting a lot worse, it did gave me a bit of a teary eye when I peeled the bits under my eyes but everywhere else didn’t really hurt so maybe my pain resistance is really high or all the people on the internet are really good actors haha! It did burn a bit afterwards but I think that’s because of my sensitive skin, you can also see that my face looks a bit red.

Pinitthe incredible face mask

Okay, now we know that I didn’t die or peel off my whole face let’s go on with the final verdict!

My skin looked a bit less all over the place and more peaceful and clean but I didn’t see major differences. There were only a few of my blackheads that it pulled out but I still have a lot. This mask is supposed to be really good for blackheads but it didn’t really do anything more for me than a normal peel off face mask. In my opinion I would rather use a normal peel off mask with the same results and less time than this mask. For a lot of people this masks did work, maybe because I don’t have it from the “original” brand? All by all I don’t love it and I don’t hate it.

The Maybeauty The Incredible Face Mask retails for €25,00 for 8 masks.

That was everything for today guys, I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


Have you tried the black peel off mask yet? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Emily Newstead
    July 25, 2017

    I love pampering myself with a good face mask. I’ve been loving sheet ones recently!

    Emily xo

    • Beauty-Blush
      August 4, 2017

      I love sheet masks as well! They are so easy but really do their job well. Thank you for reading love! X

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