It’s Time To Re-Brand!

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Hi guys! So today is a little bit of a different kind of post. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but I think the time is finally here, I’m re-branding!

I have this blog for 2 and a half years now and I had my ups and down. I’m really indecisive about what I want with this blog and constantly changing things up and now again lol. I’m still not really feeling like my blog represents me, it feels like this is someone else’s blog and that’s never a good thing. Also 2 years ago beauty blogging was about thinking about a funky catchy name but now it’s more professional and not so childish anymore. Also I’m getting older and even though I love makeup and beauty I don’t think that that’s all that I am and interested at. I do love doing beauty related posts but I do notice I also like writing things about my life and more lifestyle topics. Everything is going to be different and I hope you’ll find it an improvement. I might lose followers but it’s not worth it if I’m not having fun with it and not feeling me. I also noticed I’m not the type of blogger that likes monthly repetitive stuff like monthly favorites and other series. I’m more on the spot and write what I like and feel like writing on that particular day. I will do a favorites post from time to time but not every month. The empties posts do stay as they are mini reviews of things I’ve used up. With the beauty boxes I will only keep unboxing the Bluxbox. I will keep reviewing makeup and beauty products of course šŸ™‚

The biggest thing that is gonna change is the name which is more me (also because it’s my name duh!) and all my social media handles, so my blog name is gonna be….. drum ruffle please…..

It’s a mouth full but I’ve very happy with the name and it sounds a lot more my age and me. From tomorrow on I will be busy changing everything and also making my site look pretty and fresh. My blog will be because of that offline for a few days but when it’s back on expect a better version of it!

I’m very excited for all this, it’s gonna take a lot of work though as I need to change EVERYTHING but in the end it will be worth it. This is also a little bit of a sad moment though as this is the end of Beauty-Blush šŸ™ I’m really going to miss it as this was my first baby, I think it’s gonna be a bit weird in the beginning not calling it Beauty-Blush anymore but oh well.

I hope you all are excited for this change and I will see you all when it’s looking all fresh and new, can’t wait to see what you guys think!

Pinitbeauty blush

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Pinitbeauty blushbeauty blushbeauty blushbeauty blushbeauty blush





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