I’ve Been Nominated For The Liebster Award! | Dear Diary Week 15.

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I’ve Been Nominated for the Liebster Award! | Dear Diary Week 15.

Hi guys! This week I did a lot of fun scooter rides, went to the beach, seen pepper-spray in action and I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I didn’t really sleep too well. I watched some YouTube and sat in town for a bit. Wasn’t feeling too well because of the lack of sleep, so I didn’t really do much. I showered and wrote a blogpost. My cat was running around the house when I wrote my post, and the ran straight into the wall, which was pretty funny, silly animal haha! In the evening my boyfriend surprised me with a relaxing massage, which was really nice of him 🙂

On Tuesday we went to the beach to relax. There is an event tomorrow on the beach with different types of rescue cars and workshops and then we saw this pretty police car!

Pinitdear diary week 15 (2)

Also there was a man being a little drunk and trying to hit the police man with a stick, and for the first time in my life I saw the police man using pepperspray which was actually pretty cool to see, so yeah that just happened lol. On our way home we picked up some food and had some dinner at home. In the evening I was feeling a little bit down, so  we went for another scooter ride to clear my head, and I made these pretty pictures of the sunset.

Pinitdear diary week 15 (7)

Back home we watched an episode and went to bed.

On Wednesday I went to work again, vacation is over unfortunately, but it was fun being there again :). The weather wasn’t so nice today *sadface* so we just stayed at home chilling. I wrote a blogpost and in the evening we watched a movie.

On Thursday I was a bit busy on Social Media. Later that afternoon we went for another ride again. We sat at a pond where we watched people rise out of the water with jetpack shoes? I don’t know what it’s called but it looked funny! I also tested some products and, selfie time!

Pinitdear diary week 15 (6)

We picked up some groceries and had some dinner. In the evening I tried my new bubble foot bath, which felt quite nice 🙂 I took a shower and gamed for the rest of the evening.

Pinitdear diary week 15 (3)

On Friday it was a calm day. Watching a little bit of YouTube, writing a blogpost and editing some blog pictures. In the evening it was time for horseback riding. We did some fun things this time because of the vacation. We raced, went up and down a hill did some fun games. After there was a little show on the riding school, so we also watched that. My horse was also being a little bit silly, when brushing him he pooped in his own water bowl, how nice haha. Back at home we watched a movie again and went to bed.

On Saturday I watched some YouTube and tested some products for the review for tomorrow. I also made pictures of everything. In the afternoon we went to Vrouwenpolder, a little village. We had a delicious ice cream in a shop called Sweethearts, it’s such a cute little ice cream shop! I’ve got smurf and cake batter flavor, yummy!

Pinitdear diary week 15 (4)

After that we sat on the beach for a bit and went home again. We had some dinner and watched a movie nice and cozy in bed. I also got nominated for the Liebster Award which I’m so thankful for! I only decided not to do the blogpost for it, but I do am very happy with it! Thank you!

Sunday was a little bit of a lazy day. We sat on the patio and I did some things on my phone.

Pinitdear diary week 15 (5)

I also played a game on my tablet and wrote a blogpost. In the evening we watched another movie and then the week was over already!

I hope you all had an amazing week and I will see you all next time!


What is the coolest thing you’ve seen this week? Let me know in the comments!


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