Life Update: Everything Goes Wrong!

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Hi guys! Long time no see. I’m sorry I’m being so absent lately but with this blog post I’m going to explain what’s going on in my life lately. The last few weeks are really not going as planned and everything is going wrong, I guess life just hates me these last few weeks!

If you follow my blog and social media you might have seen that I kinda disappeared the past time. Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and everything seems to go wrong.

A few weeks ago I decided to search for a lease horse, I love horses and I always wanted one for my own but I just don’t have the money for it so I decided to search for a lease horse. I was really busy finding one and ended up going to a few horses to see if it was something for me. I went to 3 horses in total and the first thing already went wrong, not super wrong but still not fun. Every time I went to see a horse it was pouring from the sky and that’s not super fun when you need to bike 15 km in total. The first horse I went to was not really what I wanted because it was quite a wild horse and I didn’t want to put myself in danger on the road. With the second horse I went to I had the same problem. The third horse I went to I had a better feeling about, she was really nice and calm and I even went for a ride which went okay.

Between all the searching and visiting which with my anxiety is a whole lot because my biggest fear is calling people and going to unknown places with unknown people. I also got ill… Most of the time when I get ill I’m feeling better within 2 days but this took me almost a week and I still needed to go to all the appointments. That was a bit of a downer. With my anxiety all rock high and super stressed we also had some serious finance problems that are still going on, if there is something I hate with being an adult it would be money struggles!

Another thing which scared the shit out of me is that my cat was not feeling okay. She didn’t eat and she lost weight, I looked inside her mouth and her gums were bright red. We went to the vet to check and she again needed to have her teeth cleaned and maybe even some removed under narcosis. Which made me really scared because she doesn’t respond well to it. The day came for her treatment and everything seemed fine when we brought her home, but then the most scary thing in my life happened. I know she’s always a bit sleepy and her back legs are a bit paralysed so for her safety I went to the bathroom with her so she couldn’t jump on anything. She was really weak and at one point she fell and she didn’t move anymore, I dragged her on to a pillow but still no movement. Her eyes were open and her pupils and legs were twitching a little. I tried to get her on her feet again but still nothing. I tried it again and finally she moved her head a bit. My heart was pounding I was so scared! I thought it was over but then she made super weird smacking noises and gasping for air, after a minute of doing that she threw up. After that I decided it wasn’t safe yet to let her out of her cage so I put her back in. After dinner she went all crazy and she desperately wanted out so I tried it again in the bathroom and it went a lot better. After a half hour I let her walk freely which went okay and I was so relieved. The days after that were still not going really smoothly she still didn’t eat a lot and her eyes were watering and she was throwing up a lot. She became super skinny and I was still scared. Right now she is doing fine again and eating okay. She still didn’t gain weight yet but we’re going to the right path with her. I really thought I lost her!

This week I went to that third horse again for another ride. It was nice and sunny this time so it was perfect for a ride. The horse is a bit anxious on the road but the owner said she doesn’t run away or anything. The beginning went really well, even better than last time, but 15 minutes in something bad happened… We were on a really quiet road when all of the sudden out of nowhere she started to run in total panic! I fell with the backside of my hip on to the concrete. She never does this but of course I’m the lucky one. A year ago I also fell from a horse which I landed in the hospital with a broken arm so I was not too happy that it again happened to me. The pain got worse and worse and sitting is really painful as is putting my weight on that leg. My fingers were also swollen and I had some wounds on them. In the evening we needed to go to our first dog training so it wasn’t really nice as you can imagine.

The next day (yesterday) I wanted to have a bit of a relax day and write this post for you guys, but of course something needed to go wrong once again! An hour after I’ve woken up I was having a migraine which put me out for the whole day.

Today I’m sitting her on the couch typing up this blog post, all bruised and recovering from my migraine hoping that from now on I will be a bit more lucky in life, haha! I mean all these things I just told you happened in just 3 weeks! And that is the reason why I’ve been absent, like you can see a lot happened. I hope everything goes alright from now on so I can continue my normal life and be more active on here and social media. It ain’t the best start of the year!

I hope you all understand and thank you for reading this way too long blog post, lol!


How is 2018 going for you? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Jazz
    February 11, 2018

    Hope you’re feeling better now, that’s so scary what happened with your cat, i’m glad she’s okay now !

    • Beauty-Blush
      April 10, 2018

      Thank you! She is doing much better now luckily 🙂 X

  • Dinja
    February 17, 2018

    Ahhh wat veel baal momenten zeg! Helemaal niet leuk! Gelukkig dat het met je kat wel iets beter gaat, maar snap dat het best heftig was. Ik hoop voor je dat de rest van het jaar er wel leuke en goede momenten aan komen!

    • Beauty-Blush
      April 10, 2018

      Ja gelukkig wel! en ik hoop het ook 2018 gaat niet zo heel goed van start helaas X

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