I Lost My Blog Focus, But I’m Back!

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Hi guys! Today a little bit of a different post, I have a little update that I want to share with you guys. I’ve been struggling a bit with my blog lately, but I’m back! I just wanted to get this of my chest and also share with you guys what’s going on with me and this blog.

The last few months I was having some troubles with my blog, let’s just say I was a bit stuck. In the beginning of this year I decided to stop my strict upload schedule. I was blogging 4 days a week and it made me really stressed and I missed out on things in my life that were important, so I decided to not have certain upload days and just upload when I felt like it. Because I didn’t have the pressure anymore it actually went the opposite way and I didn’t upload at all which was also not what I wanted. At that point I was still having fun blogging but just a bit lazy.

A few months later my joy with blogging went a bit down, I didn’t know what to write or I didn’t feel like writing. I went from 4 blog posts a week to 5 a month! I was still thinking too much about that everything needed to be perfect or if people would like it or not instead of doing what I wanted and loved. I also wanted to do more lifestyle posts and write about certain events in my life but I was still insecure if people would love it or not. I mean I don’t really find my life that interesting, or me just rambling on about something no one is interested in is what was making me scared to write about it, because I’m just me, why would anyone want to know what I go through? Now I’m just trying to overcome my fears with writing this post, hoping people will find it interesting to even read. Let’s hope!

Now that I’ve had a bit of a break I feel really motivated again to work on my blog and to write posts. I want it to be my little corner on the internet and share the things that I like, kinda like a diary. Just telling you guys everything, well not everything, everyone has their secrets haha but you know what I mean! I just need to loosen up a little and don’t stress about being perfect, maybe that’s just the key. I’m planning to spend some more time into my blog and write more blog posts again, I’m still not going to do a schedule but I do want to post more often. Of course I still love writing makeup reviews for you guys and all the unboxings and stuff, that’s not going away anywhere soon, but I do want to incorporate more lifestyle bits as well, write what I think, feel or go through in life. I hope you guys like that idea as well. I don’t know if anyone wants to read my jibber jabber but I’m just gonna be myself for once, I think I will go a lot further that way don’t you think?

I’ve always loved blogging so I’m really glad my motivation is back and that I didn’t give up! So be prepared for some awesome posts from now on because I’m back and better than ever!

Thank you guys for supporting me and my blog, without you guys I wouldn’t have done it. I see you all very soon with a new blog post!

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  • Inez
    November 8, 2017

    Je moet altijd bloggen waar je over wilt bloggen. Als je een maand geen zin hebt, neem dan even vrijaf. Blijkbaar heeft het je motivatie weer aangewakkerd dus het zal zeker geen slecht idee zijn. Het lijkt me leuk om meer lifestyle-posts te lezen! Veel succes alvast!

    • Beauty-Blush
      December 28, 2017

      Aww dankjewel! Dat is inderdaad ook helemaal waar. Ik ga gewoon verder zonder mezelf al te veel op me kop te geven en zowieso nog beter mijn best doen in 2018! Dankjewel voor het lezen 🙂 X

  • Hannah
    November 8, 2017

    This is so relatable, and I have just gone through something similar, and getting back into the swing of things is so good! I don’t know how you manage to keep up with four posts a week, as I struggle with two haha! Glad you’re posting again xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Beauty-Blush
      December 28, 2017

      Yeah that was a bit too much haha! I just find that a schedule is too much pressure and that it works a lot better and a lot less stressful to post whenever I want. Thank you for reading love! X

  • Major Morris
    November 13, 2017

    I went through the same thing. I haven’t blogged in months. Partly due to life things an partly due to lack of motivation. I am really trying to climb out of my slump and get back into blogging because I do enjoy it.

    Great post and thanks for sharing!

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