Makeup Brushes 101.

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Makeup Brushes 101.

There are so many Makeup brushes to choose from these days, but which brush is for what purpose? I’m gonna help you out a little! Today I have a super handy Makeup brush guide for you guys, so you don’t have to wonder which one to choose!

I have chosen the basic brushes that you might need in a day-to-day basis. I’m gonna start with the face brushes!

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 buffer brush
The Buffer Brush:

This brush is ideal for putting on liquid foundation. It is definitely my favorite brush to use when I apply my foundation! Dot your liquid foundation on your face, and just use the brush in a circular motion on your face to buff the foundation into the skin. This brush blends your foundation in seamlessly.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 beautyblender
The Beauty Blender:

Of course this isn’t really a brush, but I needed to include this one! Everyone knows this magical makeup sponge, and I guess almost everyone owns one these days. It is a super easy way to apply your liquid foundation. It gives a naturel and also a glowy finish. Damp the Beauty Blender and dab your foundation into the skin. I love this thing! You can also use it to blend your concealer or cream contour.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 concealer brush
 The Concealer Brush:

The name says it all. It is to apply your concealer and to blend it out. You have bigger concealer brushes that you can use under your eyes, but also little ones to spot conceal.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 stippling brush
 The Stippling Brush:

This one looks a bit like the Buffer Brush. Only the top bristles on this brush are much less full. This one gives you an airbrushed sort off look. You can use it for your liquid foundation or powder foundation. You can also use it for contour or blush. It is a multi-functional brush!

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 contour brush
The Contour Brush:

This brush, because it is angled, is really nice to use for cheek contour. It is the perfect shape to really accentuate your cheekbones!

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 fan brush
The Fan Brush:

This funny looking thing is a fan brush! You use a Fan Brush for your highlighter, so you have a gentle touch. You can highlight your cheekbones, nose and forehead with this.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 powder brush
The Powder Brush:

This brush is a standard brush that exist for ages! This brush you can use to apply powder, loose powder, blush or powder foundation or maybe some bronzer. I guess everyone has this one in their collection, right? You have many sizes of the powder brushes, from normal ones to enormous ones.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 highlighter brush
 The Highlight Brush:

This brush is also a highlighter brush. It is a soft fluffy brush, it is not too big not too small, but with this one it’s easier to apply highlighter on smaller places like the cupids bow. You have a little bit more control with this one than the Fan Brush.


Let’s move on to the eye brushes, and lip brushes!

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 shader brush
The Shader Brush:

The Shader brush is a flat dense brush. You can apply eyeshadow on the middle of your lid in a dabbing motion, this way the eyeshadow is more pigmented. This brush is not for blending, it’s way to stiff for that!

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 smudge brush
The Smudge Brush:

The Smudge Brush is a really small squared shape dense brush to smudge out your bottom lashline. You can smokey out you eyeliner or eyeshadow with this one.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 eyeliner brushes
The Eyeliner Brush:

There are a couple of different Eyeliner Brushes. You have small pointy ones or angled ones. It is just what you find more easy to put on your gel eyeliner.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 detail brush
The Detail Brush:

This is a really tiny brush to apply eyeshadow on your bottom lashline or to create sharp edges, like a cut crease!

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 brow brushes
The Brow Brush:

There are also many different Brow Brushes. Shorter more dense ones or angled bushes. I like to use the angles one! You can fill your eyebrows in with powder or a wax, using these kind off brushes.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 blending brushes
The Blending Brush:

I love Blending Brushes, they make everything so easy. You also have different types of blending brushes. You have stiffer ones, fluffier ones, long, short just everything. With this brush you can blend the color into the crease for more definition and smooth lines.

Pinitmakeup brushes 101 lip brushes
The Lip Brush:

These brushes you use to apply your lipstick, to get a sharp line. You can also use them to outline your lips. You have small flat ones and pointy ones. I like the flat ones better!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you might have learned something new! Have a great weekend lovelies!


What is your favorite Makeup Brush? What is your favorite brand? Let me know in the comments!


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