My Makeup Collection – Part 4 (Eye primer, Single/Cream Eyeshadows).

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My Makeup Collection – Part 4 (Eye Primer, Single/Cream Eyeshadows).

Hi beauties! Today part 4 of my makeup collection! Today I’m gonna show my eyeshadow primers, my single eyeshadows and my cream eyeshadows. Ready for some swatches?

As I mentioned in Part 3, I love eyeshadows! Back in the day I didn’t really buy many eyeshadow palettes, but I did buy a lot of singles! Eyeshadow primers I don’t use as long as I saw no point of using it until I started using it, haha. Cream eyeshadows are not my fave so I don’t have many of them. Let’s go!


Eyeshadow Primers:

Like I said I don’t own many, so here we go with the first one and that’s the Beauty UK Eye Prime FX. This was my first primer and still my best!

The second one is the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer. This one I haven’t use as much and the time I did use it I wasn’t very excited about it.

The next one is the Emite Makeup Eyelid Base. This one I really like as well. It’s like a paint pot and makes a perfect blank canvas for applying eyeshadow!

The last one is the Beyu Eye Base. It was a best seller so I really wanted to try this one out. It’s okay, but not the best in my opinion.


Single/Cream Eyeshadows:

These are all my Essence single/cream eyeshadows. I love Essence as a brand and they make amazing eyeshadows! I will explain all the colors from left to right.

  • 53 Pop Eye. This is a shimmer black eyeshadow, not the most pigmented that’s a pity.
  • 11 Wild At Heart. This is a metallic effect dark blue eyeshadow. Also not very pigmented. This is not really a color I reach for much.
  • 06 Metropolitan. A sparkling effect brown eyeshadow. This one I used a lot like you can see.
  • 65 Skeye And Sand. Also a sparkling effect eyeshadow. This one is a very pretty bronze, I used this one a lot!
  • 19 Disco Diva. Metallic effect eyeshadow. This one is a very pretty color and definitely my fave purple eyeshadow to use.
  • 76 Pink Me Up! A shimmer effect eyeshadow. It’s a lovely pigmented bright pink color, I love it.
  • 01 Jewel Up The Ocean. This is one of the Metal Glam line. It’s a nice metallic light bright blue color.

These are my “random brands” shadows. I got most of them from my StyleTone boxes. Again from left to right.

  • Note eyeshadow in 10. It’s a lovely matte plum color. Totally in love with this color!
  • Manna Kadar Fantasy. I love all my Manna Kadar products. This eyeshadow is super creamy and so shiny!
  • Estee Lauder 04 Sky/01 Eggshell. This one is very old, it once was my moms. I don’t use it really much.
  • Marsk Fifty Shades. This is a mineral eyeshadow. A really deep shimmery grey color.
  • NYX Moon Rock. This is also a shimmery grey color. Really pretty.

These a my Catrice Mono’s. Like Essence the Catrice eyeshadows are also a great quality, I love them! From Left to right.

  • 690 Snoop Dovey Dove. This is a shimmery silver color, I really like it!
  • 730 Too Good To Be Blue. I love this color, it’s only a bit of a bummer that the pigmentation is just so weak!
  • 810 Petrolling Stones. This is actually my fave color if I look at it, why do I never use this one?
  • 080 Go, Charlie Brown! This is a matte ashy brown color. I actually use this one to fill in my brows everyday, haha.

These are some eyeshadows from local drugstores in my town, so if you don’t live in the Netherlands I guess you don’t know what I’m talking about. From left to right.

  • Hema 42. This is a nice matte coral color. I love this shade!
  • Hema 55. Another matte plum color, I just love the way it looks on my eyes.
  • Etos 90. This is a very intense dark blue shimmer shadow, and super creamy!
  • W7 Chunky Eyes Cappuccino. This is an eyeshadow stick. I love this one as a base, but it does creases if you don’t set it.
Pinitmy-makeup-collection part 4-1

These are some of my Maybelline eye products. From left to right.

  • Color Tattoo 70 Metallic Pomegranate. This one I like, Easy to work with and a lovely burgundy color.
  • Color Tattoo 05 Eternal Gold. This one is so hard to work with, streaky, uneven. If you look at the swatch you can see the lumps. I love the color, but this one doesn’t really work for me.
  • Color Drama 502. This is an absolute gorgeous color. So pigmented and creamy, it’s just breathtaking. The perfect copper color!


Alright guys that was it for Part 4! Make sure to read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 as well. Next week in Part 5 I will discuss my Mascara’s, eye pencils and eyeliners, so stay tuned!


What would be your favorite color? Let me know in the comments!


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