My Makeup Collection – Part 5 (Mascara, Eyepencil, Eyeliner).

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My Makeup Collection – Part 5 (Mascara, Eyepencil, Eyeliner).

Hi Beauties! It’s time for part 5 of My Makeup Collection. Today I’m gonna show you my mascara’s, my eye pencils and my eyeliners! Are you ready?

Most of the time I only use one mascara, and when that one runs empty I buy a new new, so almost all the mascara’s I’m about to show you are running low on pigment but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. They are just as back up! Also I have a lot of eye pencils, so I can’t show everything. Now that this is out of the way let’s get started!



The first one is the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black. This is a long time favorite of mine, I’ve used this one for years and it’s still one of my faves. It separates the lashes so well!

The next one is the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara. This is the first mascara I’ve ever used, and I think it’s still a really good mascara.

Next up is the Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black. I just had to have this one, just because it’s so populair. I don’t really like this one, it’s too natural for me.

Next is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. This is also one of my favorites. It makes my lashes look superlong which I love!

Next is the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara. This one didn’t really do it for me, I was expecting a lot more of this mascara. I have a full review of this mascara on my blog, if you’re interested.

Next up is the Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara. This one is almost identical to the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. Only difference is that this one is way cheaper! I also have a review on this one.

The last one is my most recent one. It’t the Ace Of Face Eyerule No3 Mascara. Also a really nice mascara, and really gentle to the lashes!



First one is the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner. I got this liner from someone that didn’t use it. It’s a good liner but I don’t use it that much.

Next is the L’Oreal Super Liner Duo. This is a nice liner, I only don’t understand the duo thing because it’s one wand. If someone knows let me know please!

Up next is the Catrice Gel Eye Liner in 020 It’s Mambo Nr.2. It’s a metallic dark brown gel eye liner. I’ve used this one a lot, but I prefer matte black more right now.

Next is the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black. This is my fave to use right now. It’s creamy, it applies super easy and it last really well.

The next one is the Essence Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof. This one I’ve used for ever. This one was my first eyeliner, and still the one I go back to quite a lot.

Next one is the Collistar Eyeliner Professionale in 13 Glitter. I love this one for a party look to add something special. It is a beautiful clear eyeliner with holographic glitters.

Next is the Essence Extra Longlasting Eyeliner Pen. This one is okay, but the pigmentation is really weak. I do like felt tip eyeliner pens, but it’s so hard to find a good one!

Next up is another eyeliner pen from Essence. It’s the Superfine Eyeliner Pen. This one I hate. It has just no pigment, not even when I just bought it. It’s just water with a hint of black.

The last one is the Miss Sporty The Miaoww Look Eyeliner. I was on the hunt for a cheap eyeliner pen with nice pigmentation. When I looked on the internet this one from Miss Sporty was really recommended. And I must say this is the best felt tip eyeliner pen I own. It’s still not super black, but it does do its job!


Eye Pencil:

First up is the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk. This is a lifesaver. It is so pigmented and stays all day in the waterline, it’s amazing! It really opens up the eyes.

Next up is another NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Black Bean. This one is really black and also really pigmented.

Next is the Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in 09 Cool Blue. This is a deep blue, really nice to switch some things up.

Up next is another Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in 02 Hot Chocolate. This is a nice dark brown eye pencil.

Next up is the Catrice Kohl Kajal in 210 Brownzer. This one my boyfriend got me. It’s a brown/bronze shimmery color, really pretty.

Next is the Saffron Metallic Eyeliner in Gold. It’s not a brand I know, but it’s a really pretty gold shimmery color.

Up next is the Ofra Eyeliner in Medical White. It’s a nice white eye pencil, but not as pigmented as the NYX one.

Next is the L’Oreal Infallible Eyepencil. It’s a nice black eye pencil, really pigmented. It also has a smudge end, which is super nice for creating a smokey look.

Next is the Maybelline Color Show Crayon in 210 Turquoise Flash. This is a super pretty light blue color. I love this one in combination with bronze eyeshadows.

The last one is the Maybelline Smoky Pencil in Smoky Chocolate. This one I use almost everyday. it’s really nice to apply and it also has a smudger end.

Pinitmy-makeup-collection-part 5-1

Here are the swatches of the eye pencils in the order that I talked about. Which one do you love most?


That was the end of Part 5! I hope you all had fun reading! Don’t forget to check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4! In Part 6 I will talk about my liquid lipsticks, so stay tuned if you don’t wanna miss that!


What is your favorite mascara and eyeliner? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Kiersten
    September 29, 2016

    It’s a shame that you don’t like the Great Lash as much! It’s my favorite drugstore mascara. I’ll have to try that L’Oreal mascara. Also, the two Catrice liners (liquid and pencil) look so pretty!

    Lovely collection!


    • Beauty-Blush
      September 29, 2016

      I just like my long bold lashes and the Great Lash is just too natural for that unfortunately! Thanks so much for reading dear! X

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