My Makeup Collection – Part 8 (Lipsticks).

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My Makeup Collection – Part 8 (Lipsticks).

Hi beauties! Time for Part 8 of My Makeup Collection! This is the last part of this series already… boohoo! In this part I will take you into all my lipsticks, and of course (like always) I will swatch them all! Are you ready?

This series is coming to an end, it’s the last part guys šŸ™ Are you gonna miss it? Today I’ll talk about all my lipsticks. I love lipstick more than any other lip product. My lipstick collection is growing by day, and there are a lot more to join (I hope)!



Here are the first five lipsticks. They are from the Pro Lipstick Bare Collection by Freedom. They are all (sheer) nudes. I love these lipsticks for everyday, they are so easy to apply and really complete the look! I have a full review on these beauties on my blog if you want to check it out! The colors from left to right: 111 Untouched, 112 Sooner Or Later, 113 Whispers, 114 Naked Beauty, 115 Mannequin. My favorite is 112 Sooner Or Later, it’s a really pretty color!



Next I have 3 lipsticks from Essence. The first one is my newest one. I heard so many good things about this color, and it was a favorite of many people. It’s the Long Lasting lipstick in 06 Barely There. This is a really pretty purple/brown nude color, I’m in love with it! The next one is the Velvet Matt in the color 07 (review). This is a light orange/pink nude, also really pretty. The last one is the Long Lasting 14 Adorable Matt. This is a brighter lipstick than the other 2, it’s a pinky red color, also a very lovely color. The lipsticks are really creamy and really pigmented as well. I love the Essence lipsticks, the quality is so good and definitely really affordable!



Next I have 3 Catrice lipsticks to show you! The first one is the Ultimate Colour in 020 Maroon. This is a orange/brown nude. It’s really creamy and a super lovely color! The next one is the Ultimate Shine Gel Colour in 070 License To Pink. I have this color in my collection for a really long time now, this is my second tube. It’s a bright pink color. It’s a bit sheer and glossy, but I really like how it looks on my lips! The last one is the Ultimate Colour in 310 Red My Lips. This is just a standard bright red lipstick. This one is so creamy omg! This one is amazing! I bought this one because I didn’t really had a new bright red lipstick. In my younger days I also wore a bright red lip, so I thought to get in to that again.



The next 3 are from Maybelline. I bought these all in one day. I wanted to have more bright colors in my collection and these were the ones I chose. The first one is kinda out of this box for me, it’s the Color Sensational in 365 Plum Passion. It’s a bright purple, not as pigmented on the lips, but the color is still really lovely. I didn’t have any purple lipsticks only the standard reds and nudes. I’m glad I have a purple one now for the extra special days! The second one is the Color Sensational in 547 Pleasure Me Red. This is a darker red with a blue undertone instead of an orange undertone. The last one is the Color Sensational in 538 Ravishing Rose. This is an orange red lipstick. I really like the look of an orange lipstick, so this one is perfect for it!


Makeup Revolution:

These two lippies are from Makeup Revolution. The first one is the Iconic Pro Lipstick in We Were Lovers. It’s a creamy bright pink lipstick. The pigmentation in not perfect but I do really like it. It also has almost the same look as a MAC lipstick only this one is a lot lighter and thinner plastic. The second one is the Amazing Lipstick in Dusky. It’s a really light pink color. The lipstick is really good, but the color is just not really for me!



My MAC lipsticks! (drool..) I always wanted a Mac lipstick so badly for years, and now I finally have them! The weird thing is I was expecting a lot more from these lipsticks because they are like SO popular. I thought they would be magical, but I must say formula wise I have better lipsticks in my collection from drugstore brands, hmmm… The first lipstick is the Retro matte in Ruby Woo. This is a super matte bright red color. I love the color, but the formula? It’s just so dry! It feels like a crayon while applying it, it’s not that smooth. Am I the only one with this problem? The next one is the Matte in Velvet Teddy. This is my favorite lipstick ever! The formula is a lot better, and the color is just amazing, I love it!

Pinitmy-makeup-collection-part 8-2

Note & Gosh:

These are my two lonely lipsticks that I only have one of. A bit off topic, but when I was looking at these photo’s, look at these 2 and look at the MAC ones, don’t they look so similar? It’s a bit scary, haha. Okay let’s move on. The first one is a lipstick from Note that I discovered in one of my StyleTone boxes. It’s in the color 08 Brownie Pink. The color is so lovely, but there is one weird thing. It might sound stupid, but when I smell this lipstick in the tube it smells like vanilla, but when I put in on it just smells and taste like vomit, especially when you breathe it in (even my boyfriend said it). Really weird, I really love the color, but I just can’t stand the smell, I almost need to puke myself! The second one is from Gosh and it’s just legendary. It’s in the color 60 Lambada. This was my first ever lipstick, I wore it everyday and loved it! It’s still not completely empty, isn’t that amazing? šŸ™‚


Alright guys, this was the last part of My Makeup Collection! Don’t forget to check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7! I hope you enjoyed reading, and I will see you all next time!


What is your favorite lippie? Let me know in the comments!


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