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Hi guys! Some weeks ago I ordered myself some new makeup again, I totally forgot about doing a haul about it but better late than never right? I didn’t order too much, just some bits and pieces that I really wanted badly!

I got some extra money and I didn’t buy any makeup or what so ever for months so I thought to treat myself and buy myself the makeup that I wanted for quite some time. I’m really happy with the things I’ve bought and today I’m finally gonna show you guys. I ordered my makeup from a webshop called Boozyshop which is a Dutch webshop that sells mostly drugstore makeup. When I order makeup it’s almost always from that website 🙂

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

I wanted a Morphe Palette for AGES! I actually wanted to have the 35O but it’s constantly sold out sadly enough. I saw this one and I also really liked this one, and also because I just NEEDED a Morphe palette haha. I also really like purple and mauve eyeshadows so I’m very happy with this one too, that other one will join my collection someday! This is the Morphe 35P Palette. the pan size is pretty big and I love the color selection. I dipped my finger in the bright purple shade just a tiny bit and wow the pigmentation! I think I’m totally gonna love this. It was €24,49.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

I’m sorry for this picture but I totally forgot taking a picture of this foundation! Next thing I really wanted was the Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation. I’ve seen that the shades go pretty light which is nice for me and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I’ve already tried it and I can confirm that it’s indeed a really nice foundation. It was €6,99.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

This is something I wanted really badly! This is the Soph x Makeup Revolution Palette. This palette is a collaboration with one of my favorite YouTubers, Sophdoesnails. I love watching her videos and when I found out she was creating a palette I needed to have it. The colors are amazing and just up my street, it’s gorgeous! I also really like the eyeshadows Makeup Revolution make, it’s such nice quality. It was €11,49.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

Up next is this Pro Lipstick Kit from Freedom Makeup in Naked Mattes. I already own one of those kits, the Bare Collection and when I saw this one I really wanted it! I love nude lipsticks and the other one I have are super nice and they are so affordable as well, I love them! If I had a choice I would buy all of them. It was €7,49.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

Up next is the Freedom Makeup HD Highlighter And Contour Set. I don’t own a lot of contour stuff, the most things I own are bronzers so I thought this would be great because it’s everything in one, and different contour shades as well. The set also includes a little brush which isn’t even that bad! It was €11,95.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

Next up is something I really wanted but didn’t buy for a long time because it’s not that cheap haha! This is the Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever. I’ve been looking for a burned orange lippie for ages but I couldn’t find it, it was always brown or bright orange but not a pumpkin spice/cinnamon orange which I was looking for. Now I finally found it and I’m so happy! It’s the perfect shade, it’s a bit darker than the picture though and it’s so comfortable! I think it’s the most comfortable liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. It was €17,95.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

Up next is something that I quite needed. I always wash my makeup brushes with baby shampoo but it’s such a hassle and I really wanted to try out a solid brush soap that I can just swirl my brush in. This is the first one I saw and it looked nice so I bought it. This one actually smells amazing, it’s delicious. I mean I would wear this scent haha! It was €7,95.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

Again, forgot to take a picture of this one, grrr! This one I didn’t buy on Boozyshop but just in town. I don’t have many concealers and I saw somewhere that this is a really nice one. It’s hydrating but also really covering like the Tarte Shape Tape. As I can’t buy Tarte from where I live I need to find myself some dupes. I didn’t really test it yet but it looks promising! It was €12,49.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

Lastly, on Boozyshop you can pick a little gift if you spend over a certain amount so I chose this little tapered highlighting brush. I love highlighter and I love applying them with these kind of brushes, it just works like a dream and the Boozyshop brushes are really nice as well.

Pinitmakeup haul boozyshop

That was everything that I’ve bought guys! I can’t wait to try everything, am I the only one that gets too exited to use new makeup? I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What makeup item did you recently bought? Let me know in the comments!


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  • theblondehare
    January 19, 2018

    I got the morphe 350M for Christmas!! Lucky my mum got it before it sold out!

    • Beauty-Blush
      January 23, 2018

      You’re so lucky! I will get it someday but this one is also really pretty luckily 🙂 X

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