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Hello beauties! Today I have created 3 makeup looks for you guys, I’ve created a makeup look for blue eyes, green eyes, and brown eyes. So if you want some makeup inspiration for YOUR eye color then definitely keep on reading!

I’ve been kindly sent some colored lenses from I love doing makeup looks for you guys but not all of you have blue eyes like me, so I wanted to make a post for every eye color and how to make your pretty eyeballs stand out even more. I picked these lenses out myself and the ones I picked are: Aqua 3 tone, Green 3 tone and Chocolate Brown 3 tone. The lenses are from the brand Eye Fushion and retail for €10,85, $19.99 or £9.99 a pair. They also have some amazing lenses for Halloween, so with Halloween coming up make sure to give them a browse! 🙂

Let’s start with the first look!

Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes

I have blue eyes myself but these lenses really make them pop and they all look quite natural from afar, up close you can tell they are lenses, but I like them! Also my camera isn’t the best at capturing eye makeup especially glittery eyeshadows. Just so you know it’s not my lack of skill (I think) it’s my camera.

Because my own eyes are blue I do know what looks nice with blue eyes. What blue eyes really make pop is warm toned eyeshadows, but I think we all knew that already. The best ways to make blue eyes pop in my opinion are using chocolate brown eyeshadows, a dark smokey eye, bronze and orange shadows, reds or burgundy purples and yellows or gold.

Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes
Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes

Most of the time I use bronzy shades so today I wanted to do something a little different. I went with a red and brown smokey. Most people don’t think red eyeshadows are wearable and that they make them look ill. I love using red eyeshadows and with this look I will proof those people wrong! Red is amazingly pretty on the eyes!

For this look I applied a light warm brown shade in my crease as a transition shade. Then I went over that with a darker chocolate brown shade and blended that out really well. I applied a matte red eyeshadow on the lid and blended that a bit in the crease as well. Then I applied a dark plum shade in the crease and outer V but this time I didn’t blend it out as much. I went back and forth with the plum shade and the chocolate brown shade in the crease until I was happy. For the lower lashline I applied the same red shade as the lid, I put on some black eye pencil and some mascara and the look is done.

Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes

And then I had green eyes and blonde hair haha! I really like these lenses as well, they look so pretty!

The best way to make green eyes pop in my opinion are using purple and mauve shades, dark green shadows, gold, pink and reds or a really intense black winged cat eye.

Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes
Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes

For this look I went with the purple mauve vibe. I wanted to make this look really simple and light with the eyeshadows and make this look complete with a winged liner. With this look my camera had the most issues, it looks like I have a bald spot on the center of my lid and it doesn’t show the purple sparkle in the inner part of my eye unfortunately 🙁

With this look I started putting a light mauve shade all over the lid and in the crease. With a darker purple shade I defined my crease a little bit more and make it a bit darker. Then I applied the first mauve shade on my lid with my finger, the shade was really light so I wanted it more intense on my lid so that’s why I applied it with my finger, for some maximum pigmentation. I also applied that shade on my lower lashline. Then I applied a really pretty shimmery lilac shade on the inner part of my eye, this will make the eye really pop! I applied some eye pencil in my waterline and tideline and applied a winged eyeliner. I sealed the look with some mascara and it’s done!

Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes

Last but not least, the brown eyes! These were my least favorite lenses, I just don’t think brown eyes really suit me that much, what do you think? I think the lighter colors look a bit better on me.

To make brown eyes pop in my opinion are using gold/rose gold eyeshadows, dark greens or blues, a neutral eye with a bright colored liner, purple or coral.

Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes
Pinitmakeup looks for blue green and brown eyes

For this look I did something a little bit different. I did a neutral brown and gold look with a brightly colored blue liner on the lower lashline. This look is a bit more daring with the bright blue and will also look amazing for parties. With this look my camera also hated me, it again looks like I have bald patches going on, but I swear I don’t and looks nice and blended in real life. It’s so weird, who wants to buy me a new camera and do this girl a big favor haha! 🙂

With this look I applied a light brown eyeshadow in my crease as transition shade. Then I darkened up the crease with a darker chocolate shade. Then I applied a nice shimmery gold shade to my lid with my finger. With a smaller blending brush I applied the same dark chocolate shadow a bit more precisely in my crease and outer V and blended it out with a bigger blending brush. I applied a bright blue eye pencil on my lower waterline and applied some mascara to complete the look!

That were all the looks guys, I hope I could give you some makeup inspiration and that you found this post helpful. A big thank you to Crazylenses for collaborating with me, I really enjoyed making these makeup looks!

I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What do you do to make your eye color pop? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Tigritsa
    September 4, 2017

    Love the looks you created! It’s not every day the same person can make a post about what looks good on eye colours that they don’t usually have! The coloured lenses look awesome!

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