Makeup Revolution the I heart chocolate palette

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Makeup Revolution the I heart chocolate palette.

Today I have a review on this delicious chocolate palette from Makeup Revolution! I’ve been loving this palette for a few months now and I’m gonna share my thoughts with you about this palette.

Pinitchocolate palette 1
Pinitchocolate palette 2

The packaging looks like a yummy chocolate bar, and when I opened it I was really wondering if it would smell like chocolate as well, and guess what, it did! It smells like cocoa powder but a little bit fake unfortunately. Luckily it isn’t a very strong smell so it will do!

Pinitchocolate palette 3

The colors in this palette are gorgeous, I am really into nude colors lately so this was right up my ally. I like that it has red tones in it aswell because I find them really hard to find, but they are so pretty on the eyes.

Pinitchocolate palette 4

It definitely became my favorite palette. The pigmentation is quite high and it shows up on your eyelids very well. I didn’t experience alot of fallout when putting it on and it pretty much stayed on the whole day. they are good quallity eyeshadows:) I use them almost every day!

Now on to the swatches!

This is the first row of the palette:

Pinitchocolate palette 5

You need love:
This is just a matt skintone color, you can use it as a transition color or as a base color. maybe you can use it as a highlighter aswell but I haven’t tried that yet.

Piece me together:
This one looks like a dark green in the palette but if you put it on you can see that it looks more of a dark brown then a green. It is a quite dark color, nice to make a smokey eye or to put in the crease. I like that it has glitters in it so it really pops!

One more piece:
This is my favorite color of this palette, I pretty much wear it everyday for a natural look. It is a matt light taupe brown and perfect for no makeup, makeup looks. Nice for everyday if you don’t want to put much makeup on.

Love torn:
This is a dark purple/red color with glitters, really pretty color. Nice for fall or winter to make a smokey look.

Stolen chocolate:
Again a dark green but this time without the glitters. Still it turns more brown than green on the skin.

Pinitchocolate palette 6

Second row:

Thank friday:
This is a matt light brown, but this one is lighter than “One More Piece”. On the eyelids it doesn’t show that much so you can use this one as a base color or transition color.

This one is a nice gold color to make your eyes really pop! It is more of a metallic than a glitter shadow.

Pleasure girl:
This is a dark matt brown color. Good to make a natural look and give more definition to the crease.

Meet chocolate:
This color I don’t like that much, it is a really light matt pink but as you can see it does not show up at all.

This is a dark glittery blue color. It is kinda the same as the other glittery ones.

Love divine:
This is a metallic bronze/brown, really nice color and good pigmentation, nothing bad about this color.

Pinitchocolate palette 7

Last row!:

Smooth criminal:
This is a Bronze metallic color. I like this one alot. It looks to me a little bit more to the gold side in the palette, but on the skin it is a bronze color to surprise. But I didn’t mind this surprise because I like bronze colors on the eyes. That rhymes:)

Chocolate love:
This is again a gold color, but a little bit more pigmentation than the other one, this one shows up more on the eyelids.

You need more:
This is again a metallic color. But this is a dark brown one, also very pretty.

What a way to go:
This is a burgandy red color with glitters. I love this shade! The only problem I find with this palette is that the ones with glitters I find a little weak and cheap looking. When you wipe away the top-layer in the palette the glitters are gone, almost no glitter left, so that’s a bummer. I think the could rather made them also metallic. That would be way more amazing!

Endorphins ready!:
This is a metallic looking white color. I don’t use this one on my eyes actually. I use this one as a highlighter! It is really pretty as a highlighter, it shows well and looks just like a natural shine on the face:)

Pinitchocolate palette 8

My final thoughts:

  • Nice color range, matt, matallic and glitter.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • You can make alot of looks out of it.
  • Some color doesn’t look the same on the skin as they do in the palette.
  • The glitters are the most on the toplayers, so that’s a little bit of a bummer.
  • Nice packaging.
  • The cocoa smell smells a little bit fake.
  • The eyeshadows are really creamy and blend well.

All by all I think it is a nice palette and I definitely would buy it again! I hope you all liked this review and that you would try this palette out by yourselves, I really recommend it!


Have a BeautyBlush day everyone!





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