Making The Biggest Cake Ever! | Dear Diary Week 46.

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Making The Biggest Cake Ever! | Dear Diary Week 46.

Hi Loves! Another week another Dear Diary, this week in Dear Diary: I worked on my bullet journal, it was my boyfriend’s birthday this week, made some home-made white hot chocolate, dyed my hair pastel pink and made the biggest birthday cake ever in my life! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I cleaned up and did some laundry. I took a shower and had an appointment, after my appointment I painted my nails, I went for a dark matte grey. I also went along with my bullet journal again and It’s really getting somewhere now!

Pinitdear diary

I had dinner and in the evening I worked some more on my bullet journal. I also wrote a blogpost and watched some tv.

On Tuesday it was my boyfriend’s birthday, he is turning 24! I did my makeup nicely today and in the afternoon some people came to visit for his birthday. For dinner I made something nice, with the whole moving thing I didn’t have time and money to buy a present so cooking a nice dinner is the best I could do! In the evening we didn’t really do anything, we chilled on the couch and watched some tv together. We have the party on Saturday so that’s why today was a peaceful day.

On Wednesday I went to work, it was nice I needed to help a new person again which is always fun to do haha! After work we went grocery shopping and back home I made some blog pictures and wrote a blog post. I had dinner and in the evening I waxed my legs and made some home-made white hot chocolate, it was delicious! I never had white hot choco before but it’s amazingm damn! 🙂 Also just look at this cute mug, I got it from my boyfriend for Valentines day how cute!

Pinitdear diary

I also watched a movie and went to bed I was really tired!

On Thursday I cleaned up the house and had an appointment again. I also organised my vanity, I’m really happy with my drawers and desk #inlove I still need to figure out where to put everything exactly but it will be fine for now.

Pinitdear diary

In the afternoon I went into town to buy some things. Let’s just say it was the most depressing trip to town ever… Everything that I needed and wanted was sold out. I first went into a shop that was apparently closing soon so almost everything was empty and of course all the things that I needed. The second shop didn’t have what I needed because the shade I needed was sold out, and so on. In the end I did find everything that I needed but it made me still a little irritated! Back home I chilled for a bit and in the evening I went on with my bullet journal.

On Friday I went grocery shopping for the party tomorrow. Back home I cleaned a bit and dyed my hair another color. I went for pastel pink this time, it turned out more rose gold but I really like it, I actually like it more than the lilac, what do you think? The picture doesn’t really do the color its justice but you’ll get an idea! 🙂

Pinitdear diary

In the evening I wrote a blog post and watched a movie.

On Saturday it was the day of the party! I spend the whole day baking my surprise birthday cake. It’s the biggest cake I’ve ever made, it was so high haha! I really like how he turned out and my boyfriend was also really happy with it which is most important.

Pinitdear diary

He actually looks so much smaller on the picture, haha! When I was done with the cake I dyed and trimmed my eyebrows and did a party makeup look. I also used some false lashes for tonight which is such a long time ago but they looked amazing. In the evening we had the party and it was much fun, eventually even my cat Luna came to the party (she is a bit of a scaredy-cat so I was kinda proud that she came to say hi). Luckily everyone liked my cake, but in the end of the evening I was super tired! It was a fun day though.

On Sunday it was a chill day. I did the laundry and watched some YouTube. In the afternoon I did a makeup look for a post and made pictures of it. I also made a test video and practiced video editing because I will someday make a YouTube channel but of course I first need to know the basics and if I like it or not. I also wrote a blog post and watched some tv.


That was my week guys! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What did you do this week? Let me know in the comments!


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