Max Factor – Facefinity Foundation Review.

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Max Factor – Facefinity Foundation Review.

Hello loves! Today I’m gonna talk about my favorite foundation! I’m reviewing the Max Factor Facefinity Foundation in the color Light Ivory, which is perfect for all of you pale beauties out there! So if you wanna know more, then keep on reading!

Pinitmax factor facefinity foundation

I always struggle finding the right shade of foundation, but this one did the trick. I guess this is the lightest color foundation I own and I love it so much. It’s not looking orange at all which I like because orange looking foundations always look really fake and weird when you have a pale complexion.

Pinitmax factor facefinity foundation

This is a 3 in 1 foundation. It’s a primer, a concealer and a foundation all in one. It just sounds too perfect. It also has SPF 20 in it so you also get a little bit of sun protection in there! I’ve got the color Light Ivory 40, but there are 14 shades in total. It is long lasting and gives you a flawless finish. The primer gives you a nice smooth base and hold, and the concealer gives you a flawless finish.

Pinitmax factor facefinity foundation

It is a glass bottle with a pump, so it’s really easy to get the product out of the bottle. The foundation is quite thin and liquidy, so it doesn’t feel heavy on the face at all!

Pinitmax factor facefinity foundation

Sorry for the terrible yellow lighting, the sun wasn’t really working with me today. The 2 top pictures are without any product on my face and the 2 bottom ones is with the foundation.

Although it is also a concealer I don’t really think this is a really high coverage foundation. Of course you can layer it, but with just one layer it’s not covering everything. It does make my face look nice and even and of course flawless. It’s not looking cakey or anything which I like. I always like it when you still look “human” even though you’re wearing foundation, if you get what I mean.

It applies really nicely, I have no issues putting it on my face. I’ve tried it with a beauty blender but also with a brush and the results are both really nice, and blend well. You don’t feel it that much on your face so that’s also a big plus! Right after applying it, it does cling a bit to my dry patches but after a while it isn’t really noticeable anymore. I don’t know if it’s a really good foundation for people with oily skin, but with my dry skin it even looks better after a few hours because it gets a little less “dry”. It lasts all day long without any problems, and on the end of the day it still looks really nice. I am totally in love with this foundation! It’s the right pale shade, it’s weightless and makes my face look nice and even without any effort!

Have you tried this foundation yourself? What are your thoughts?

– The Max Factor Facefinity Foundation retails for £12.99 or €16,99.


What is your favorite foundation? Let me know in the comments!


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