Monthly Favorites! | August 2017.

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Hello beauties! It’s the end of the month so we all know what that means, it’s time for a monthly favorites! Today I again have 5 beauty and makeup favorites, so if you wanna know what I’ve been loving this month then keep on reading!

This month I’ve tried out some new things and have been using it ever since this month. I have 2 skincare items, 2 makeup bits and also a nail polish that I’ve been loving. Now that we’re going into September, autumn is getting closer and closer and I’m actually pretty excited, I was kind off missing the hot weather but with the hot weather of the last couple of days I’m cured and now I’m kinda ready for those cozy evenings on the couch with candles and a blanket, how about you?

Let’s get on to my favorites of the month August!

Pinitfavorites august 2017

The first product I’m loving this month is the Moisturizing Peeling from Noabay. I got this one in one of my Bluxboxes but I never actually tried it out. I always scrub my face when I’m in the shower and I always use the same one so I thought why not try this one out! First of all it smells delicious, a bit like mango and I love it. Also the grainy bits in this product are not at all painful, they are really small and not sharp (which a lot of scrubs do have). My other scrub was a lot more rough than this one but it actually felt really good and it really made my skin feel really soft and nourished afterwards so this one is a definite thumbs up for me!

Pinitfavorites august 2017

Next up is a nail polish from the brand Nails Inc. This pretty polish is in the shade Royal Mint Street and it’s this lovely pastel mint shade. I love pastel shades and this one is definitely one of the colors I love. I also got this one in a beauty box, but this time from my latest StyleTone box! I’ve worn this beauty all month and I really love it and stays on pretty well also!

Pinitfavorites august 2017

Next up is a foundation, this is the L’Oreal True Match Foundation in the Shade Rose Ivory. If you follow my blog for a while you might recognize this foundation and think, EH? This is a new bottle but I emptied one in my Project Pan and I actually rediscovered it thanks to it, so a big thank you for me starting project pan and finding old faves. I loved it so much that I bought a new one and I never emptied a foundation so that means something right haha!

Pinitfavorites august 2017

Next up is a new addition to the family! I’ve heard a lot of this mascara so I really wanted to try it out, it’s the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara. I got it in waterproof as I don’t own waterproof mascara’s and thought it would come in handy. This mascara is amazing and I use it everyday now! Because it’s waterproof it holds the curl much better and my lashes never been that long and curled. There is a review coming soon so stay tuned for that! 🙂

Pinitfavorites august 2017

Last but not least is the Figs&Rouge Anti Blemish Corrective Daily Lotion. I got this one a while back (again) In one of my StyleTone boxes. Because of Summer my skin has been super oily and I’m getting breakouts all over the place and I’m having small little bumps all over my forehead #notfun. I’ve never had oily skin because my skin has always been super dry but since last year I get oily in Summertime. Because normally I have really dry skin I only actually own things for dry skin and then I saw this one laying around and thought, hmmm let’s try that maybe. This is for oily blemish prone skin and helps keeping your skin matte and I definitely feel a difference if use it or not. When I don’t my skin is a lot more oily quicker but when I use this it’s a bit less. I still have blemishes but I do think it helps to get it under control a little.

Pinitfavorites august 2017

That were all my favorites of this month! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What was your top favorite product this month? Let me know in the comments!


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