Monthly Favorites! | February 2018.

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Hi lovelies! How are you all doing? It’s the end of February so that means it’s time to look at my favorites of past month. In this post I will show you the top 5 things that I’ve been loving in the month February, so if you wanna know what they are then keep on reading!

We are already in March, this year is already going so fast it’s unbelievable! Today I’ll show you the 5 things I’ve been loving this last month. I’ve got 3 skincare items and 2 makeup item to show you so let’s get started!

Pinitfavorites february 2018

The first thing is a recent purchase of mine. I’m only using it for maybe 2 weeks but I’m already loving it! This is the Zarqa Pure Skin Treatment. I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with acne on my chin lately and it just doesn’t clear up, when 1 blemish is gone there is already a new one coming up, so annoying! This is basically a drying lotion. It’s a white thin liquid that you put on your blemishes at night time and you leave it on when you sleep. The next morning the blemish is a lot less big and red. Of course they’re still not gone but they disappear a lot quicker and I have less scaring. It smells horrible but it’s definitely worth it.

Pinitfavorites february 2018

This next thing is also something to help my restless skin. This is a tea tree cleansing gel from my drugstore’s own brand Kruidvat. This one also smells really bad but it makes my skin really nice and clean and it also helps with my more oily skin that I’m having lately. I hope with this combination I can tame my skin again!

Pinitfavorites february 2018

Next up is something I really wanted to have. This is the Makeup Revolution x Sophdoesnails Palette. She loves the same colors of eyeshadow that I do so when I heard she was bringing out an eyeshadow palette I knew I would love it and I definitely do! These are basically the shades I would put in a palette, it’s everything I love in just 1 palette. It’s really nice and pigmented like every Makeup Revolution palette and there are so many shades. If you haven’t tried this out already I really recommend doing so because it’s amazing!

Pinitfavorites february 2018

Next up is actually something I’ve been using a lot longer but I realised that I never put it in a favorites post! This is a Lash Serum from Kruidvat again. I’ve heard so many good things about this product and I really wanted super long beautiful lashes. My lashes weren’t really short or anything but they were quite thin and straight. For the full effect you need to use it for 4 months but after only 1 month I already saw a lot of difference. I’ve been using it now for 3 months and it almost looks like I have eyelash extensions, they look amazing and I couldn’t be more happy. If you want an in depth post and before and afters about this then tell me in the comments!

Pinitfavorites february 2018

The last product is this mascara from Emite Makeup. I didn’t think I would like it but I started using it and I was actually quite surprised! It’s a waterproof mascara but it’s not rock hard or difficult to remove which I love. The formula is a bit to the dry side but it does make my lashes really nice and long and the curl last super well which I find really important in a mascara because who doesn’t love curly lashes.

Pinitfavorites february 2018

That were all my favorites of the month February! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time.


What was your ultimate favorite this month? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Karalee
    March 1, 2018

    The Makeup Revolution palette looks gorgeous & I need to try the Emite mascara!

  • Linda
    March 2, 2018

    That lash serum sounds great! I’ve been meaning to try one. I need my lashes to be longer >_<

  • Candice
    March 2, 2018

    The shades in that MUR palette are just gorgeous! I actually haven’t purchased from them in awhile…
    Candice |

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