Monthly Favorites! | June 2018.

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Hello loves! How are you all doing? Enjoying this lovely Summer weather? It’s July! That means 2 things, it’s almost my birthday, and that it’s time for some monthly favorites! Today I’m gonna talk about everything I’ve been loving in the month June, there are a lot of makeup products this time so let’s jump straight into it!

Pinitfavorites june 2018

The first thing is this amazing looking eyeshadow from Teeez Cosmetics in this lovely green shade. I never really wear green eyeshadow that much but because it’s so super pigmented I needed to give it a go and I actually discovered that I really like dark green eyeshadow on me! It’s super rich and metallic and super pigmented, it’s such a good eyeshadow! I’m definitely gonna wear this kinda shade a lot more now!

Pinitfavorites june 2018

Up next is another product from Teeez Cosmetics I actually just noticed when I made these pictures that there are 2 products from Teeez that I’ve been loving haha. This mascara is really nice and applies very easy, it’s really black and gives my lashes good volume. Another plus is that it also removes easily which for me is something I look for in a mascara, I mean it’s nice if it gives you amazing looking lashes but if you need to scrub your eyes for 30 minutes it’s not really worth it is it?

Pinitfavorites june 2018

Up next is something I got for quite a while but never really used, it’s the Dr.Organic Vitamin E lip balm. With all the sun these days believe it or not but I got sunburned on my lips which really hurts! I was looking on the internet for lip balms with SPF and then I saw this one popping up and thought, hey I have this! So I tried it and it’s the perfect lip balm for Summer, it feels soft on the lips and protects them from the sun because of the SPF 15.

Pinitfavorites june 2018

Next up is this blush from Hikari. I never really used or liked blush but lately I’m all in on the blush bandwagon! I always feel like I look like a ghost so even without face makeup I dust this blush, which looks really natural, on my cheeks and nose to give me some color and it really saved my life, so from now on I’m a total blush lover!

Pinitfavorites june 2018

The last products for today is this Coconut Hair Oil from Urtekram. I’ve written a whole post about their hair products and I love them so much but I think this must be my favorite of them all! If you wanna know more about their products then definitely check out that blog post!

Pinitfavorites june 2018

That were all my favorites from June! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!

Pinitbeauty blush

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Pinitbeauty blushbeauty blushbeauty blushbeauty blushbeauty blush





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  • Candice
    July 3, 2018

    I actually haven’t heard of these brand before!

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  • erin applebee
    July 12, 2018

    That green eyeshadow look nice, I’m the same i have a few different green eyeshadows and I’ve recently started using them more i quite like it actually either darker or more olive ones.

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