Monthly Favorites! | May 2018.

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Hi guys! The month May is already over again so it’s time to discuss my May favorites with you guys. This month I have mostly makeup products so if you wanna know what I’ve been enjoying this month then keep on reading!

This year is going by so fast, it’s feels like how older I get how faster the years go, who is with me? It’s the first of June so we’re already half way through 2018! Today I have 5 products to show you and talk about. Let’s jump right into it!

Pinitfavorites may 2018

The first product is the Youth Lab CC Complete Cream. This comes with a little bit of a story so let me tell you. These last few days/weeks it’s been a lot warmer and I love all the glowy and dewy Summer looks I see on Instagram so I wanted that too, I had this CC Cream lying around but never really tried it as it’s a bit too dark. Because of Summer just around the corner I thought maybe I can get away with it this time, it’s a really thick cream and as expected a bit too dark but it made me look quite healthy and nice. This is super nice and dewy and perfect to create that glowy Summer look. It’s a bit hard to spread evenly because it’s quite thick but the results are really pretty, an even dewy complexion.

Pinitfavorites may 2018

Next up is the Equilibria Face Mist Toner from Noabay. I got this one is a beauty box and funny enough I got another one in another beauty box, it’s nice that I like it cause now I have 2 haha! This mist is really refreshing first of all but it also makes my skin nice and healthy looking and kinda glowy as well. I don’t know if it really makes like a huge difference but I do really like it!

Pinitfavorites may 2018

Up next is a mascara from Sugar. First I didn’t really think I would like this mascara as it just looks like a normal mascara and nothing really special about it, also I like plastic bristle brushes a lot more but to my surprise I actually quite liked this mascara. Even though it’s not a plastic bristle brush it does really well in lengthening and curling my lashes and be nice and black. I always find with these kind of wands that the result is always quite natural but because I have quite thin lashes I really need some volume and a little bit of clump. This one still gives me that and is nice and black too! It’s just not really waterproof at all that’s the only problem but I do like the result.

Pinitfavorites may 2018

Next up is The Beauty Crop Glow Milk. I already knew I liked this product but still I didn’t use it as much as I always have a bit of a fight with liquid highlighters and rather go with a powder instead. Also most of the time powder highlighters are a lot more intense, but not with this one because it’s BLINDING! I already said in the beginning that I wanted to try the healthy glowing skin so I thought the best way to achieve that is to use liquid or cream products only and it works perfect that way. This one blends really nice on top of your foundation and doesn’t go patchy at all which is my most problem with liquid highlighters. It’s super intense and glowy but not like glittery but more a wet metallic look which I love. You should definitely check this one out if you have the chance!

Pinitfavorites may 2018

The last product also sticks with the glowy theme, this is the Ellis Faas Blush. It’s a liquid blush which I’m also not used to but loving it at the moment! This one is the perfect natural shade, it’s a pinky peach shade and looks really nice. It blends really nice into the skin and it almost looks like it’s just your skin. The finish is also a bit on the dewy side and I love the way it looks!

Pinitfavorites may 2018

That were all my favorites of the month May! I will definitely keep doing this glowy healthy thing because I love it for this time a year. If you want a tutorial on how I achieve this glowy Summer look then let me know in the comments! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What was your absolute favorite product this month? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Steph Hannam
    June 1, 2018

    I love that all these products are from brands that I haven’t heard about before. The Ellis Faas Blush sounds really interesting, I’ve never seen a liquid blush in that sort of packaging. Your photographs are beautiful too x


    • Beauty-Blush
      June 30, 2018

      Aww thank you dear! ELlis Faas has like a travel concept, it’s really interesting you should look it up, all their makeup is this packaging and they have a really nice way to store them all together so it’s easier to travel. X

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