Monthly Favorites! | November 2017.

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Hi guys! I know we’re already in December and this monthly favorites comes a bit late but it’s better late than never right. So today I’m gonna discuss everything that I’ve been loving in the month November so If you wanna know more about my favorites then keep on reading!

Today I have again 5 favorites to show you. This month I also got 2 new products that I’m totally loving! This month it’s mostly makeup products and I also found an old favorite that I’m totally loving again. Shall we take a look at the products?

Pinitfavorites november 2017

My first favorite is an old favorites of mine. I don’t know if I already put it in my favorites one but I’ve been using and loving this lipstick a lot in November. Some time ago I was obsessed with this lipstick. This is the Freedom lipstick in Sooner Or Later from the Bare Collection. It’s a pale nude and I just love it. It’s super creamy and comfortable to wear. Freedom lipsticks are really affordable but still such good quality!

Pinitfavorites november 2017

Next up is a new addition to my collection. I’ve been using a sponge to apply my foundation for like ever, I never really liked applying foundation with a brush because I always find it so hard to blend in with a brush, they always leave brush marks and it just didn’t ever looked as great as with a sponge. I saw so many people using a brush for their foundation that I went on the hunt for a GOOD foundation brush. All my foundation brushes are quite dense and not a flat top so this one is a bit different, it’s a flat top and a lot softer and not as dense and wow that makes a difference! It applies so easily and a lot quicker than with a sponge. I finally have my foundation looking flawless with a brush! This is a buffer brush from my local drugstore called Etos and It’s amazing.

Pinitfavorites november 2017

Next up is a mascara, this is the gold mascara from Christian Faye. I got this mascara in a previous beauty box and I’m really loving it. It makes my lashes look really nice and it stays on pretty well without smudging, even with an intense workout it still stays on nicely. It’s a plastic bristled brush which I really like and it’s really nice and black.

Pinitfavorites november 2017

Up next is also a new item. I saw a lot of people on Instagram using super expensive gold flake primers and it looked amazing. When I was in my local drugstore I found out that they also did a gold flake primer, it’s maybe not the “real” one but this one is really amazing as well! It makes my skin so soft it’s amazing and my face is totally ready for foundation afterwards. It makes my foundation look really good so I’m so happy I found this primer!

Pinitfavorites november 2017

Last but not least is a skincare item. I got this one quite a while ago but never got to use it. I’ve used up a lot of my moisturizers so I thought why not give this one a try and you know what I really like it! I thought it would be a really thick cream but it’s actually kinda perfect! It’s not too thick but also not too thin. My skin is getting a little more to the dryer side now that it’s getting colder and this is exactly what it needs. It’s a really nice moisturizer and it makes my face nice and soft!

Pinitfavorites november 2017

That were all my favorites guys! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What were your favorites of November? Let me know in the comments! 


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  • Jen xo
    January 5, 2018

    I’m having the same problem with foundation brushes I keep getting brush streaks! Thanks for sharing, I will look for a brush similar to yours x

    • Beauty-Blush
      January 6, 2018

      Yeah it’s so annoying! I’m so glad this one doesn’t. I really hope you can also find the perfect foundation brush, I think this one works because it’s a flat top instead of a round one and a little bit softer than my others. Good luck! X

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