Monthly Haul | April 2017 + Puppy Update.

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Monthly Haul | April 2017 + Puppy Update.

Hello my loves! It’s almost the end of April, time is flying. So that means it’s time for another Monthly Haul. I also have a little update and a little bit of a story time of our new puppy! So if you wanna know about the things I’ve bought this month then keep on reading!

This month I only bought 3 (interesting) things, I know it’s sad, but a puppy cost a lot of money so I was kinda broke this month. Of course I also bought other things this month but I don’t think it’s worth mentioning in a haul, I mean q-tips aren’t that interesting aren’t they, haha!

Pinitmonthly haul

Besides our new puppy I bought 2 other items this month. I bought a new eyelash curler because my old one was not working good enough anymore. This is just a really standard and simple one from my local drugstore. It retails for €1,99 at Kruidvat.

The second thing I bought is some new sunglasses. I really wanted a special unique sunglasses and then I found this one. I really like it and it’s really unique but I really wanted a colorful mirrored sunglasses, so it would have been the perfect sunnies if it had that too. The hunt to the perfect colorful mirrored sunglasses continues haha! This sunglasses retails for €3,99 at Lucardi.

Pinitmonthly haul

Next thing I bought is our new puppy River! This was my biggest purchase this month haha (duh!). Of course we also bought him some things and treats, but that’s not really that interesting.

Pinitmonthly haul

We got him around 2 weeks ago, we saw him on the internet and it was just the cutest thing like you can tell. We really wanted a Cocker Spaniel so this was perfect. He is 6 months old so still a puppy. It was quite a long drive, but in the end it was worth it! We were so happy and he was so sweet, we only had a bit of a problem in the beginning, he literally screamed in the night, the whole night, and when we left. Apparently he had separation anxiety 🙁

Pinitmonthly haul

We tried some calming drops for a week and now everything is okay and he can stay alone in his cage. I really enjoy the walks with him especially on the beach! He is a bit scared of the waves but I think someday he will love it.

I can’t wait for what the future holds, he is really good and listens so well for his age. I love every second of it and it’s worth every penny!

That was this months haul! Sorry I don’t have a lot but I hope I will be having more next month. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What is the best thing you’ve bought this month? Let me know in the comments!


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