Monthly Haul | May 2017.

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Monthly Haul | May 2017.

Hi guys! The month is almost over so that means it’s time for another monthly haul! This month I bought a little more than last time, so if you wanna know what I’ve bought this month then keep on reading!

This month I bought a lot more than last month, so I have some nice things to show you this time 🙂 I don’t have any makeup items weirdly enough, but I do have some beauty item and also some workout item! Let’s start!

Pinitmonthly haul

I wanted to exercise more so I started my own gym haha! Now I have everything that I need to get fit.

  • Hula hoop: I always liked hula hooping so I thought it would be nice as an exercise! I guess it retailed for €12,99 at Action.
  • Gym ball: I really wanted to try out a gym ball, also to make the workout a little bit more fun, this one is also in a lovely light blue color. It retails for €5,99 at Kruidvat.
  • Resistance belt: I also bought 2 resistance belts, I thought it would be nice but the quality is not that great, one already broke in 2 after 10 seconds, and there is a hole in the other one which I haven’t even used yet… It retails for €1,99 per belt at Kruidvat.
  • Kettle bell: I never tried a kettle bell before so I thought why not, let’s try it out! It retails for €4,95 at Action.
Pinitmonthly haul

I also bought some random things just because I can haha!

  • Pants: I love these kind of pants, especially in the summer. This one was really cheap and I really like the pattern. It retails for €2,99 at Action.
  • Makeup organizer: I love makeup organizers! When I walked in the Kruidvat I could get this one for free with my points so yay! I love that it has a lot of lipstick holders. It retails for €4,99 at Kruidvat.
Pinitmonthly haul

My hair really needed some touching up, and for this summer I really wanted to fake tan for the first time, so scrub scrub scrub!

  • Kruidat Intense Pure Platinum hairdye: I just opted for something simple, the only thing that needed touching up were my roots, so this one will be just fine. It retails for €5,99 at Kruidvat.
  • Scrubbing mitt: For a flawless tan you need to scrub your body of course. This one is designed for fake tan so I thought it would be a good buy. It retails for €1,99 at Kruidvat.
Pinitmonthly haul

Like I said I was planning on fake tanning this summer. I’ve never seen myself tan so this summer I will be finally tan. It’s my first time so I am a bit nervous haha!

  • Self tan mitt: For a nice result a mitt is really handy so I picked this one up from St. Moriz. It retails for €3,00 at Kruidvat.
  • Self tan: I of course also picked up some fake tan. I picked up the one also from St. Moriz in the shade dark. I’ve seen great things about this one so we’ll see if it can make me tan! It retails for €7,99 at Kruidvat .
Pinitmonthly haul

I also needed some standard essentials, so I’m sorry if it’s boring haha!

  • Toothpaste: I bought some toothpaste, this time I got a different one, let’s see if this one is better! It was buy one get one free, so I got 2 now 🙂 . It retails for €3,79 at Kruidvat.
Pinitmonthly haul
  • Shampoo: I have eczema on my scalp and this is the only shampoo that really works for me and take the itch away, this one was also buy one get one free. It retails for €4,99 at Kruidvat.
Pinitmonthly haul

Last but not least I bought some cotton pads!

  • Cotton pads (small): With this one I surely have enough haha, I always get this one it’s so much cheaper. It retails for €1,78 at Kruidvat.
  • Cotton pads (maxi): I use these recently to remove my face makeup and it works so much better than the small ones! It retails for €0,99 at Kruidvat.

That was everything I’ve bought this month! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What is the coolest thing you’ve bought this month? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Linda
    May 27, 2017

    I am excited to see how the self tanner works! I’ve never self tanned and I haven’t heard of the brand St. Moriz before. I want to try self-tanning but I want to see what other brands are out there besides the famous Loving Tan that all beauty vloggers talk about.

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 30, 2017

      I tried it out and it’s looking really nice and natural, definitely not orange. I love it, you should definitely check it out! X

  • Dinja
    May 30, 2017

    Zo’n broek zocht ik ook al maar zag hem bij mijn Action om de hoek niet liggen 🙁

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 6, 2017

      Ow dat is raar! Je zou denken dat het bij elke Action zou zijn, of is die van jou een hele kleine? Daar kan het natuurlijk ook aan liggen! Ik leef zo wat in dit soort broeken zou echt niet meer zonder kunnen haha 🙂 X

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