Mouthguard Challenge & A New Fitbit! | Dear Diary Week 42.

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Mouthguard Challenge & A New Fitbit! | Dear Diary Week 42.

Hi guys! Another week went by so another Dear Diary! This week in Dear Diary; we prepared for the big move, tried the mouthguard challenge, got a new Fitbit and a lot more! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I watched a bit of YouTube and someone came to visit. In the afternoon we went into town to get some stuff for our new house. Back home I created my Day To Night Makeup Look and made some pictures of it. Make sure to check out that blog post! 🙂

Pinitdear diary

After that I reorganized my makeup and had some dinner. In the evening I did some things on my laptop and watched some tv.

On Tuesday I cleaned up a bit and packed some things in boxes for the move. I also made some pictures in the afternoon again and tried out the mouthgard challenge with my boyfriend. We didn’t really came that far because it was almost dinner time, but it was super funny. If you want to have a laugh you should definitely try it out haha!

Pinitdear diary

In in the evening I did some drawing and watched some tv.

On Wednesday I got up a little bit earlier. We needed to go to our new home, it was all empty now and in daylight so we could take a good look at what needs to be done. It turned out that we need to paint more than we thought unfortunately. After that we went to my mom to have a chat and pick up some paper for packing more fragile things. My old Fitbit was broken, the whole band was peeling off so I went back to the store to get a new one. They didn’t have the one that I got which was the Fitbit Charge HR, so I got the newest one instead! The Fitbit Charge 2! I was so happy that I not only got a new one, but also the newest one that’s just released! 🙂

Pinitdear diary

Back home I watched a bit of YouTube and ate dinner. In the evening I wrote a blogpost, took a shower and watched a movie.

On Thursday I cleaned up again and did a makeup look for a blogpost. Again packed some things in the afternoon. I made some pictures and had dinner. In the evening I watched some YouTube and did a blog post and watched a movie again.

On Friday I actually had the exact same day as yesterday, which is pretty scary haha! I cleaned up, did a makeup look and made pictures. I packed things, had dinner and in the evening I did a blogpost and watched a movie. Just the exact same day as yesterday! How weird! I’m so sorry that the last Dear Diary and this one is pretty boring, I try my best but the most things I do right now is packing, and preparing for the move so there is not much to talk about unfortunately! The Dear Diary’s will be better when the move is over I promise, I really hope you all understand!

On Saturday I did again a makeup look for an upcoming blog post, but don’t worry I have a little sneak peek haha!

Pinitdear diary

It’s for a review of an eyeshadow palette, can you guess which one? 🙂 I made some pictures like you can see and after that we went to my brother in law. The boys were busy with the computer and I pre planned some things for my bullet journal. I really want to start one because I love planning and being creative, so I just came up with some ideas. If you want to see a bullet journal blog post then let me know in the comments! Of course I still need to start first but I would love to do a blog post on it if you guys like the idea, so let me know! We also had dinner at my brother in law and in the evening we went back home, it was fun. In the evening I watched some tv and a movie and my hair color has almost died, nooooo! 🙁

On Sunday I watched some YouTube, cleaned the house and did the laundry. I also gave my makeup brushes a little bath, packed some things and wrote a blogpost. In the evening I did my little pamper night. Since a few weeks  now I plan a pamper day every Sunday, I always forget to pamper myself so every Sunday it is! I did my nails again and a face mask. After that I chilled on the couch and watched some tv.

That was my week again I hope you’ve had a wonderful week yourselves and that you enjoyed reading, I will see you all next time!


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