My Couch To 5k Journey.

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Hi guys! So I already talked about running in gereral in a previous workout post but I never talked about my couch to 5k journey and everything around it so here we go!

This whole journey was actually supposed to be 8 weeks long, that’s what the apps says at least but it’s not kidding and it’s more difficult than I expected because of injuries and other things that got in the way.

I started this whole journey last year around October because I wanted to run my fist 5k in the next year (2019). The beginning was hard and it didn’t feel natural at all and my form was all over the place. I also wasn’t really enjoying it in the beginning but to be honest I actually never thought I would ever enjoy it because I always hated running but LOVED the idea!

I don’t know if it was the best time to start because of all the cold weather and also the whole festive season in eyesight. Let’s just say that I restarted the app multiple times before I was finally going somewhere.

In the beginning of the year it went kinda well but the shin injuries were real and made my progress super slow unfortunately. Our wedding was also getting closer so I needed to skip training days so I went backwards once again. At this point I did really enjoy running and I was actually looking forward for my next run so there was a lot of improvement in that department.

After the wedding I also had a little break and there it came, the Summer…. I never ran with somewhat hot weather but man that’s kinda hard. My 5k was the 4th of October and in I believe August I started once again with the app (I tried different training techniques but they weren’t working so I went back and forth for a while). The training was 8 weeks and I calculated it and it would be a tight fit but doable before my 5k if I didn’t miss a single training day. But it’s hard when you again suffer from a lot of shin splints or the wind is like 65km per hour!! The injuries didn’t help the progress and I was still not able to do a lot but that could be due to a lot of factors and I don’t think I will ever be a “good” runner. I don’t know why I find it so difficult, yes I’m overweight that could be a factor but I think my main problem is that I only have 70% lung volume, so because of that I think I will never be able to run without breaks or with a quick pace which I find sad because I actually love running now and it relaxes me.

I did completed my 5k though! Which I’m gonna make another separate post about later so stay tuned for that and for now I hope you enjoyed reading! What do you think about running? Too much effort or enjoyable? Let me know in the comments!


Sam X


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