My Favorite Autumn/Winter Nails Polishes.

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Hi loves! I hope you all have had a nice weekend! Today’s post is all about nail polishes and my faves to put on my nails in autumn/winter times. I will talk about what I think are the best and prettiest shades for those colder months and give you some examples which ones I totally love. So if you have no idea how to “dress” your nails in these chilly months then definitely keep on reading!

I’ve always been into nail polishes and let’s just say that I’ve collected a lot over the years. I love to theme my nails to the season as well! When I was younger I also did a lot of nail art but right now I’m just keeping it kinda basic and simple. What type of girl are you? Do you go all out with fancy nail art or do you keep it at the basics?

Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

My favorite color is blue so it needs to be in my faves of course. For the colder months I love to play with the more darker blues or metallics. In the summer months I’m more of the pastel type. These are 3 really nice deep blue shades, a more simple one, a metallic one and a brighter one. I think color is always nice not only in summer, but I do think it’s better to keep the colors more dark or muted.

  • O.P.I Keeping Suzi At Bay.
  • Mesauda Milano N59.
  • Essence 31 Electriiiiiic.
Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

I already talked about darker shades so I picked these 3, a black one, a grey one and a really dark midnight blue. I said that colors are always nice but I also love to have a really dark nail or just a ‘colorless’ color. I think it looks really appropriate for these seasons.

  • Catrice 39 Black To The Routes.
  • Essence 09 My Dear Reindeer.
  • Essence 08 The Night Of Magic.
Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

These ones are SO SPECIAL! I love them so much as you don’t see them a lot. These are nail polishes with oil effect which I love. I only got these 2 shades but I found them so mesmerizing. These still tie in the darkness and the more moody vibes but they are still really fun and special.

  • Catrice 55 Get That Blues.
  • Catrice 840 Genius In The Bottle.
Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

What I also love is to play with burgundy shades, with glitter, metallic or just plain they’re all very pretty. This is also one of the primary colors but darker but still so pretty in these seasons.

  • Mesauda Milano N19.
  • O.P.I Embarca-Dare Ya!
  • Essence 13 Rudolph’s Favorite.
Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

Of course we can’t forget the glitter! I also love to play with these type of glitter polishes, they’re really opaque and still darker. I love the whole midnight type glitter that is a bit on the blue or purple side, I think they are so pretty especially when the festive season comes around.

  • O.P.I Alcatraz Rocks.
  • Collistar 70 Blu Lame.
  • Rimmel 006 Moon Walking.
Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

Also don’t forget the purple tones, I don’t like the lighter more lilac type of purple for these seasons but more the deeper ones or the wine/plum purple. Here I have a more dark blue version, a glittery one and a more plum shade. All very appropriate.

  • Nailsinc Old Bond Street.
  • Essence 12 Berry-Tale.
  • O.P.I IN the Cable Car-Pool Lane.
Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

I think this is a real allrounder shade. I love bright red nail polish, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter this shade always works and it makes you look so much more sassy than without!

  • Catrice 05 It’s All About That Red.
  • Emite Makeup Cham.
Pinitautumn/winter nail polishes

My last selection are the greens, we can’t forget about the green of course. But not the bright of pastel ones but more the darker and muted ones. I think green is a really nice autumnal color just like orange so this is perfect. Green also goes well with Christmas when you pair it with gold.

  • Hema Nail Polish.
  • Essence 64 Island Hopping.
  • Essence 11 Kiss Under The Mistletoe.
  • Nailbuddys No.22.

That was everything guys, I don’t know if all these nail polishes are still for sale so I’m sorry if they’re not, some of them I have for years or were festive limited editions.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


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