My Lipstick Collection

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My Lipstick Collection.

Today we are going to take a look at my lipstick collection! I don’t have that many, but it is enough for every occasion. Some of them I have had for years and they are still my favorites to wear. My newer ones are a little bit more vibrant so not for everyday, but also very pretty. I always like to try out different brands to see which brand I like more and which one lasts longer, so I have many different brands. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the lipsticks of Maybelline, they have so many colors also very unique and vibrant colors which I like.

I love nudes and reds so you gonna see alot of them in this post:) Let’s begin with number one shall we?

Pinitcatrice license to pink (1)
Pinitcatrice license to pink (2)

Catrice 070 License To Pink:
This lipstick is a bright sheer pink. It is not too bright so you can wear it from a day to day basis. It is from the Ultimate Shine Gel Colour collection. It is a moisturising creamy formula and it glides onto you lips, so really easy to apply. Unfortunatly, it does wear of quite easy. It smells good; a little bit like roses. I have this one for a long time, but not this one because my boyfriend broke my old lipstick so I needed to buy a new one because I couldn’t live without this color:)

Pinitcatrice maroon (1)
Pinitcatrice maroon (2)

Catrice 020 Maroon:
Also a Catrice lipstick, this one is from the Ultimate Colour collection. I was looking for a brown nude color instead of a pink based nude color and this one caught my eye. Also a nice creamy consistency. It makes your make-up look look more put together. A really nice color for the cold times of the year.

Pinitessence adorable matt (1)
Pinitessence adorable matt (2)

Essence 14 Adorable Matt:
This is a pink based red color. I liked this one because it is something else then just the standard red. This one is harder to put on beacause it is a little bit of a dry formula. It is a matt lipstick but it does have a tiny bit of shine to it. It smells really fresh so that’s a bonus!

Pinitessence all about cupcake (1)
Pinitessence all about cupcake (2)

Essence 53 All About Cupcake:
Again another Essence lipstick.This is a really light pink color. It is almost my own lipcolor so I use it more as a colored lipbalm. This was the first lipstick I ever bought and it magically still isn’t gone. The packaging is really old because I have had it for years, but if it is finally empty I would definitely buy it again (but than the more up to date packaging).

Pinitgosh lambada (1)
Pinitgosh lambada (2)

Gosh 60 Lambada:
This is a bright red lipstick. It was a birthday present from many years ago. And that was the moment when I fell inlove with red lipsticks. I was obsessed with this thing and wore it everyday. I still love it very much but I don’t wear it that much anymore because I don’t want it to run empty on me:).

Pinitmakeup revolution dusky (1)
Pinitmakeup revolution dusky (2)

Makeup Revolution Dusky:
This one is almost the same color as Essence All About Cupcake but maybe a slightly darker pink. I dont’t wear this one alot because I like the one from Essence a litte bit more.


Pinitmaybelline pleasure me red (1)
Pinitmaybelline pleasure me red (2)

Maybelline 547 Pleasure Me Red:
A nice dark burgandy red from the Colorsensational series. I bought this one in the winter because it really suits the cold weather more. I haven’t bought a new lipstick in ages so I added this one to my collection.

Pinitmaybelline plum passion (1)
Pinitmaybelline plum passion (2)

Maybelline 365 Plum Passion:
This one is a nice violet color also from the Colorsensational series. I love this color so much, it is so pretty! I did not have a purple lipstick yet so I also added this one to my collection. And I am very happy that I got it. But I only wear this one on special days:)

Pinitmaybelline ravishing rose (1)
Pinitmaybelline ravishing rose (2)

Maybelline 538 Ravishing Rose:
This is a coral/peachy red lipstick. Again from the Colorsensational series. I also like this one alot. I didn’t think peachy tones would look good on me but I really do like it. This one is not as dark as the other two so I will wear this one more often.


Pinitmy lipstick collection (2)

I hope you enjoyed taking a look in my Lipstick Collection! What is your favorite lipstick color? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Eilish
    January 31, 2016

    Adorabls matt from Esssnce is very pretty!

    • Sam BeautyBlush
      February 1, 2016


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