My Makeup Collection – Part 1 (Primer, Concealer, Foundation).

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My Makeup Collection – Part 1 (Primer, Concealer, Foundation).

Hi loves! A new little series, my makeup collection! I have way too many makeup to show you in one post, so I’ll do it in parts! Today we begin with part 1: my primers, concealers and foundations! Are you ready?

Alright, I thought it would be fun if I would show you beauties my makeup collection! I can’t show everything because it will be too much, so I’ll just show you the things I use most! In my eyes I think I have quite a lot of makeup, but for some of you this might be a bit of a sad collection, haha. I mostly own drugstore brands, because I really like them. Today we take a look at my primers, concealers and foundations. Ready?

Pinitmy makeup collection part 1 primer concealer foundation (4)

First up, primers! I must say I lack a bit in the face makeup department. I focus more on eyes and lips. I’ve got four primers. The Catrice Prime And Fine primer is the oldest, but still very good. It is a very smooth texture. The Smooth Skin primer by NYC is almost empty. I loved this one! It has tiny shimmers in it, it makes your skin look very lovely. Because my NYC one ran on empty I bought the Fix & Perfect Pro primer from Rimmel. This is definitely one of my favorites. It’s smooth and gives a matte finish. The Miss Sporty Insta Glow is my newest primer, it was love at first sight. It makes your skin look nice and dewy which I adore!

Pinitmy makeup collection part 1 primer concealer foundation (3)

Foundation time! First up is the Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel (review). This one smells amazing and is perfect for summer, it’s a bit dewy which I like, it’s in the color; 100 Ivory! The Maybelline Fit Me foundation is also lovely but a bit too dark for me, it’s a lighter coverage and it is in the color; 115 Ivory. My favorite would be the Max Factor Facefinity foundation in the color; 40 Light Ivory. It’s the perfect color for my ghostly white face, It feels amazing and looks amazing! The L’Oreal True Match foundation is my oldest, I’ve used this for years. I really loved it, but it didn’t work out too well with my dry flaky skin. It’s in the color; Rosy Ivory. Next up is the Vichy DermaBlend in the color; 15 Opal. This is the fullest coverage you can get, haha. It’s a bit too much for me and too cakey, it also smells disgusting! My second favorite is the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation (review). It’s super light and dewy, but unfortunately it’s running empty really quickly because of the cushion. It’s in the color; 01 Porcelain. Last one is a powder foundation. It’s the L’Oreal Infallible Powder foundation. I love this foundation for days when I don’t wanna put on too much effort, but still even out my skin tone! It’s in the color; 123 Warm Vanilla.

Pinitmy makeup collection part 1 primer concealer foundation (1)

Concealers! Let’s start with the All About Matt by Essence. I must say I haven’t use this one as much because it’s way too dark for me, but the formula is very lovely! It’s in the color; 20 Matt Nude. Next is the Vichy DermaBlend concealer (review). This one can cover up anything! I love this one to clean up or for my dark circles. The only problem is that it creases quite a lot. The Catrice Camouflage Cream is pretty similar as the Vichy one, only a lot cheaper! It’s in the color; 010 Ivory. My two favorites are the Maybelline Super Stay 24 concealer and the NYX HD concealer (review). The NYX one is a bit more brightening under the eyes, but they are both really lovely. The Maybelline one is in the color; 2 Light Beige, and the NYX one in the color; CW01 Porcelain.

Pinitmy makeup collection part 1 primer concealer foundation (5)

I thought I would also include my setting sprays 🙂 I’ve got one from Etos (a drugstore house-brand in the Netherlands), and the NYX Dewy Finish setting spray. I use the Etos one if I go for a matte look and when I go dewy and glowy I use the NYX one, which makes my face extra dewy, I love it! Best Setting spray ever!


That was part 1 of my makeup collection! In part two I’ll talk about powder, contour, blush and highlighter! So if you don’t wanna miss that, then stay tuned!


What is your favorite primer, concealer and foundation? let me know in the comments!


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  • Slay Knox Slay
    September 9, 2016

    I really love this article! 🙂 Great dialogue and your pictures are so nice and clear!

  • jadewheelerblog
    September 16, 2016

    I also LOVE the NYX HD concealer. One of my top favourites. Im also really liking the collection concealer at the moment too. Seem to be reaching for it on a daily basis.

    • Beauty-Blush
      September 16, 2016

      Nice! I really want to try the collection one as well, heard many good things about it! Thanks for reading love X

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