My Shower Routine | 2018.

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Hello lovelies! I thought why not do another routine? I did a skincare routine a while ago (which I’m going to do an update on soon) but I never wrote a post about my shower routine! I have quite a lot of steps I do when I’m in the shower so today I’m sharing that with you guys!

Today I’m going to write about my extended shower routine, I don’t do all these steps every time I take a shower but most of them I do. I don’t just wash my hair and body, I do a lot of skincare things as well and I’m also going to show you what I’m currently using in the shower.

The first thing I do when I’m in the shower is just stand and enjoy haha I think everyone does that right? Also I have quite thick hair so it takes a while before it’s fully saturated with water.

Pinitmy shower routine 2018
Then I grab my shampoo and shampoo my hair, currently I’m using the Syoss Renew Complete Repair Shampoo or the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo which smells delicious! I don’t leave it in or anything I rinse it out right away after scrubbing my head.

Pinitmy shower routine 2018
My second step is to put conditioner in my hair. This is not really a conditioner it’s more a mask but it works really well on my hair, it’s the Garnier Loving Blends Honey Gold Repairing Mask. When I fully saturated my hair with it I put it in a low bun so it can do it’s magic.

Pinitmy shower routine 2018
When my hair is chilling and getting repaired I get started on my face. I take my Phillips VisaPure or this little silicon thing and put the cleanser on it and wash my face with it. Currently I’m using the Artemis Cleansing Gel. I rinse it off and grab this facial scrub from Noabay and scrub my face with it. That’s all I do for my face now it’s time for my body.

Pinitmy shower routine 2018
For my body I take my bath flower and put some shower gel on it. Right now I’m using some travel size shower gel from Ziaja or Vogue. If I feel like it I also mix in a shower oil, the one I’m using is the Fortune Shower Oil from Rituals.

Pinitmy shower routine 2018
Then from time to time I also use a body scrub. I try to do this once a week. I either just use an exfoliating glove or this body scrub from Rituals.

Now that my body is clean it’s time to wash out my hair. I think if you leave your conditioner on longer it works a lot better but I might be wrong.

Pinitmy shower routine 2018
The last thing in my shower routine is shaving, I always shave in the shower I just think it’s way easier. When I’m all bald again I turn off the shower and I’m all fruity fresh!

Pinitmy shower routine 2018

Before I get dressed I always try to use a body lotion, I still forget to do this sometimes but I try to work on it. The one I’m using right now is the Body Shop Body Butter in Almond Milk & Honey.

That was basically everything I do when I’m in the shower, I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


Do you have a specific shower routine? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Bethaly
    March 6, 2018

    Great post! That was a lot of steps but it sounds relaxing and I like that you take the time to pamper yourself. I need to follow suit 🙂

  • Dinja
    March 7, 2018

    Lekker verzorgd! Ik douche ook niet altijd zo uitgebreid maar eens in de week scrubben moet kunnen vind ik 😉
    Meestal scrub ik voordat ik scheer, dat schijnt goed te zijn!

  • kallistasworld
    March 23, 2018

    Love the post☺ the details are great for someone looking Into body care! Some people aren’t taught the dertails and have to learn some way and this is a good post for that!

    • Beauty-Blush
      April 10, 2018

      Aww thank you that’s sweet! I’m doing my best haha 🙂 X

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