My Tattoos.

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My Tattoos.

Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about my tattoos. When I got them, why I got them, what’s the story behind them and how much they hurt. I’m obsessed with tattoos and definitely want more of them. I would love to have a sleeve on one of my arms someday! Here we go!

Pinitmy tattoos

I am going to start from the beginning. I’ll begin with the first tattoo I got, and I’ll end with my latest one. I hope you’ll like it!

Pinitmy tattoos 1

In 2012 I got my first ever tattoo! I was so excited! It was a birthday present from my parents, and I was so happy! On my birthday we went to the shop together, I was really nervous, but I wanted it really badly, so I needed to be brave haha. I was really scared that it was going to hurt because it was on my collarbone, but I didn’t feel a thing! The meaning behind this tattoo is that I struggled a lot with depression and selfharm, I went to a lot of therapy and the sentence “After rain comes sunshine” really motivated me to go on, because it will get better! I’m still not fully recovered (and I think I never will be completely), but I feel a lot better! So my tattoo was right!

Pinitmy tattoos 2

I don’t really know when exactly I got this one. But I do know that this was my second one. I did it myself, just because, I don’t know, liked it? It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it 🙂 It doesn’t really have a meaning, I just did it because it looked cute. I did it with the “stick ‘n poke” technique. The pain was weirdly enough more than my first one, but I guess that’s normal because of all the nerves in your fingers haha. I quite like finger tattoos, and I’m thinking about getting another one!

Pinitmy tattoos 3

Maybe it looks messed up to you, but totally not for me! This one is really special for me. This one was made by my very own boyfriend! Although it’s not even close to perfection, for me it’s perfect! This one is placed on the side of my wrist. again a stick ‘n poke tattoo. Call me crazy. I just think that tattoos doesn’t need to be perfect, It’s the memory behind it what counts! I didn’t really hurt, so he “poked” me with love I guess 🙂

Pinitmy tattoos 4

This one I got two years ago in 2014! It’s Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, with “mama” underneath. This one is placed on my forearm. I always had a huge bond with my mom because it was just the two of us when I was little. I always tell her everything, although she is my mom she is also my best friend, and in honor of that I wanted to have a tattoo dedicated to that! When I was little we always watched Winnie the Pooh and other Disney movies together. That’s why I choose Eeyore. There was a little bit of pain when I got it, but it was bearable. The only problem was that I got an infection in the heart balloon, so a little bit of color is missing there, and the infection hurt quite a lot for a while. But now he is just fine!

Pinitmy tattoos 5

After that one I got this one! It is a heart with the infinity sign in one. It’s placed on my other wrist, and didn’t really hurt. This one I got together with my boyfriend, he got the same one on his forearm! We have a big future ahead, and our love is infinity. I really believe that I’m gonna grow very old with that man! 🙂 So this tattoo is also very special for me, but I guess you’ll understand!

Pinitmy tattoos 6

This one I got last summer in 2015! It’s a little blue, cute sheep on my upper side calf. I love this one so much! I guess this one is my fave! The reason why I got this, is because my love for sheep is very very big haha! Sheep are a so fluffy and cute and I have a whole sheep collection at home! I wanted him blue, because blue is also my favorite color. This one was really painful! I thought I could cry. I was sweating 10 liters, if not more! I don’t know why but you calf hurts like a B****! The I’m very happy with the end result!

Maybe this year another one? I do hope so, but we’ll see!

These were my tattoos and there stories! I hope you liked reading this post.


Do you have a tattoo? What does it look like? If you don’t have one, would you like to have one? What would it be? Let me know in the comments!


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X- Sam.

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  • Eilish
    March 23, 2016

    I love eyoore and the sheep! Soo cute! I still have only one… but I want more!

    • Sam BeautyBlush
      March 23, 2016

      What else do you want?:)

  • Sylvia
    March 24, 2016

    ❤ love eyoore of course. Love from your mom

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