My Wishlist.

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My Wishlist.

This is my wishlist at the moment. Things that I really wanna have, and hope someday I will have šŸ™‚ Enjoy reading! And maybe I gave you some ideas to also put on your wishlist!

PinitMy Wishlist

I’m just going through the products, and explain what it is and why I want to have it so badly. Let’s start with number 1!


1. Naked 2 Basics Palette by Urban Decay:
I always wanted a Naked Palette by Urban Decay because I heard so many good things about it. I really love nude eyeshadows so this is the perfect one for me! I don’t have any of them yet because they are quite expensive. Then I saw the Naked 2 Basics, which is alot cheaper and with all the colors that I liked from the standard palettes. So I was thrilled! I hope I’m gonna have this one in my collection soon!


2. Zoeva Brushset:
I am kinda addicted when it comes to make-up brushes, and I have alot of them already. I never bought brand quality brushes because they are hard to find where I live and didn’t want to order some. Right now there is a store in my town that does sell Zoeva brushes, and I was so happy. I really like how they look and that they have sets. And as far as I can see the quality is also pretty good. Can’t wait!


3. Chi Straightner:
Ofcourse I already own a straightner, but a friend of mine straightend my hair with a chi straightner and I was really impressed! I have very thick wavy hair so it takes a long time to straighten it. Most of the time, after a day you can already see the waves coming back. With this one I had no problems, it was stick straight and silkysoft, And it lasted a long time. So defenitely want to buy one for my own!


4. Cake Baking Accessoires:
I have my degree in baking cakes and I really like doing it at home aswell. I already have alot of stuff but there’s still many things that I want to have. I hope I can sell my cakes one day and that I have my own baking kitchen with everything I need to make beautiful cakes!


5. Blog Books:
I don’t like reading books that much actually, but I do like to read books with tips, and DO books if you know what I mean. I really want to read more of these kinda books so that I can make my blog better and better. So this “wish” is also for you guys šŸ˜‰


6. MAC Lipsticks:
Which girl doesn’t have a lipstick obsession? I know I do! I never tried MAC lipsticks before but I know they’re really popular, and I really want to try them out! I don’t know which colors I want to buy, but I guess it will be every color they have! Just kiddin’, but it would be very hard to decide though.


7. Nume Curling Iron set:
They don’t sell this one in the Netherlands yet but when they do I really want to have one. I was never really into the hair curling thing because my hair is already wavy/sometimes curly. I am still a noob at curling my hair, but I really like the effect that it gives. I really want to invest in a good curling iron, that’s why I want this one, because of the good quality and reviews.


8. Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette:
This one isn’t even in the stores yet, but I really like the colors of it. I like bronze/copper tones with eyeshadows, but never found the right one. In this palette you have mostly bronze/copper tones but also a few purple ones which I also like. Can’t wait ’till this one hit the stores! I really want to have this one, I’ve been looking for a copper based palette for a long time now.


9. A Tripod:
I’m making alot of pictures for my blog ofcourse so it would be very handy dandy if I had a tripod. It will make taking pictures alot easier, and I don’t have to hold a heavy camera in one shaky hand anymore šŸ™‚


I hope you liked being here with me to take a look at my wishlist! What are the things you desperately want to have? Leave it in the comments!


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  • Eilish
    February 9, 2016

    Mac lipsticks are amazing! I have; Rebel – Russian Red – Diva – Up the amp – captive – chatterbox – viva glam ariana grande !

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