Nabla – Shade&Glow In Gotham And Angel (Review).

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Nabla – Shade&Glow In Gotham And Angel (Review).

Hello loves! Today I’m reviewing the Nabla Shade&Glow line, I’ve got the contour shade called Gotham and the Highlight shade Angel. These are perfect for lighter skin, so if you wanna know more and see some swatches then keep on reading!

Pinitnabla shade & glow

Here are the little beauties! The Nabla Shade&Glow compacts. I really love the packaging, it looks really chic. It is a red-ish metal compact and it closes magnetic which I love, it got a really fancy and expensive feel. I bought the compacts but you can also buy refills without compact so that way you can put them in a Z-Palette. Also when you hit pan you can replace them without buying a whole new compact which is a definite plus!

Pinitnabla shade & glow

I’ve got 2 compacts, a contour shade and a highlighter. The contour shade is called Gotham and the highlighter is called Angel. In this range they have 6 shades, 3 contour shades and 3 highlighters. The ones I’ve chosen are the lightest ones.

Pinitnabla shade & glow


This is the contour shade called Gotham. It’s a really light cool toned brown shade and perfect for people with fair skin. Most contour shades look too dark or too orange for me, this one is really natural and cool toned which I like.

Pinitnabla shade & glow

I also love the design of the powders, it has a knitted look with the brands name in the middle. They have a mirror which is also very handy. The compacts aren’t really big unfortunately!

Pinitnabla shade & glow

This contour shade is very natural, so if you don’t like a heavy contour this one is perfect, but if you do like heavy contour this one isn’t for you. You do notice it on the face a little bit, but actually all it does is creating a minimal “shadow” look. It shapes your face nicely without being fake, it almost looks like a real shadow! It is buildable but it stays really light on the face. The powder is nice and soft, really velvety.

Pinitnabla shade & glow


This is Angel. It looks like a really white highlight but it actually isn’t. It is a little bit of a duo-chrome highlighter. It shifts from white, to orange, to pink which is really pretty and special.

Pinitnabla shade & glow

This highlighter is a bit powdery and isn’t bam in your face with the first swipe. Because of the orange shift it sometimes looks a bit weird on my pale complexion, but it is really stunning still. This one is also really creamy which I love.

Pinitnabla shade & glow

You can definitely wear this highlighter subtle, but if you build it a bit more is can also be a really nice strong highlight. I’m really happy to have this highlighter in my collection now!

Pinitnabla shade & glow

Here I’ve got them both swatched. You can see that the contour shade Gotham is nice and light, matte and cool toned. The highlighter Angel is also doing its job, shining like a star. You can also see a little bit of the orange shift in it. They are both really blendable and not streaky at all. Nabla is cruelty free which some of you may also like to know, these products are also free from silicone, mineral oil, parabens, pegs and phtalates. The funny thing is, I didn’t take off the swatches on my hand and I took a shower like normal, the highlighter was still on my hand, sparkling like nothing happened! So longlasting? I do think so if it can survive a 30 min shower haha!

The Nabla Shade&Glow retails for € 13,90 each (compact), and the refills retail for € 10,50.


I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


Have you heard of the brand Nabla before? Let me know in the comments!


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