Nail Art | Using A Sponge?

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Nail Art | Using A Sponge?

It’s time for some nail art my loves. and yes, it’s time for some nail art using a sponge! Sponge you said? Yes, you’re right. Today I’m gonna show you how to make easy nail art by using a sponge! A nice unicorn-like gradient, with some glitter. Are you ready?

Pinitnail art using a sponge (1)

I’m gonna show you how to make this easy gradient nail art! I choose pink and a grey/purple color with a glittery matte top coat! Wanna know how I did that? Then keep on reading!!

Things you will need:

  • Some nail polish of your choice (you can do as many colors if you want, but that also depends on the length of your nails, but I guess you’ll understand).
  • A white base coat.
  • A glittery top coat (or any other top coat).
  • A makeup sponge.
  • Some liquid nail art tape, or non-toxic glue (I used the glue, if you use glue you also need a little brush)
  • Nail polish remover.

Let’s start!

Pinitnail art using a sponge (2)

First step is to put the liquid nail art tape or glue around your nails. It’s not necessary, but it’s way more easier to clean it up. I didn’t have the change to buy real liquid nail art tape yet, but I tried glue and It worked almost the same way. Now you can be as messy as you want šŸ™‚

Pinitnail art using a sponge (3)

Now apply your white base coat. This step IS necessary! If you don’t do this step the colors will be less vibrant. That’s a tip for every nail polish job, it looks way better if you have a white canvas! Right? Do you see how messy I was? I’m so bad at doing these things neat.

Pinitnail art using a sponge (4)

Wait for your base coat to dry. Now take your makeup sponge and apply your nail polish in stripes onto your makeup sponge! It’s better if you do a couple of layers on the sponge first, so it’s doesn’t dry as quickly. When you’re ready apply a good layer on the sponge, not too thin because it will stick on your nail and then you’ll rip your base coat off.Ā Don’t worry I also made that mistake!

Press it on your nails with a dabbing motion, as soon as you feel it’s getting sticky, STOP! Otherwise you will ruin your pretty art work. It doesn’t matter if it’s not looking perfect yet or if you can still see a little bit of the white base coat. Do this with all your nail. When you’re done with that, take your sponge and dab once on each nail, you don’t need to reapply the nail polish. Just press once firmly on you nails and TADAA, all the white spots are covered now, isn’t that magic? Like a unicorn sneezed on your nails, haha! Another bonus, it’s almost instant dry so you don’t need to wait! Now take away you liquid nail art tape or your glue and remove left over polish with some nail polish remover. Add some glitter top coat, and you’re done! Enjoy your gorgeous nails!

Pinitnail art using a sponge (5)
Pinitnail art using a sponge (6)













I love them! What do you think? Once you figure this out, it’s so easy! I really hope you’re all gonna try this technique out. If you do, show me the picture of your beautiful art on Instagram and tag me @beautyblushsam.


Have you tried this nail art technique? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    April 3, 2016

    Het ziet er gaaf uit! Die glitter top coat maakt het helemaal af šŸ˜€

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