Nail Polish Battle | O.P.I vs W7!

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Nail Polish Battle | O.P.I vs W7.

I had two nail polishes in my collection, which the bottles looked identical! They were both blue, so I thought why not battle these two nail polishes and see who is better! This battle is between O.P.I and W7? Wanna know which one wins???

Today two nail polishes are gonna battle against each other! The first contestant is O.P.I, in the color “keeping suzi at bay”. He is gonna compete against the dupe from W7, in the color fluorescent blue. I’m not sure if it’s a real dupe, but I assume it because the bottles look exactly alike. Although they are both blue, it’s not the same color blue. The O.P.I one is a lot darker than the W7 one, but we’re still gonna give it a try!

How this contest works:

I’m gonna judge them on a few criteria; Application, opaqueness, first layer and second layer, shine, formula, drying time and color. Of course I will discuss the pros and cons, what I like most, long lasting test and of course the winner of this battle! 🙂

Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 2


I really like the nail polishes from O.P.I! The name of the color is: keeping suzi at bay. 

Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 3

This is what the first layer looks like. The application went really easy and it wasn’t very streaky. The first layer already looks quite opaque, which is a good thing. It also dried pretty quickly! When I shook the bottle I heard a little metal ball, that’s a definite plus because the polish gets less clumpy and thick that way.

Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 4

This is the second layer. It looks perfect and it doesn’t need a third layer. Who has time for a third layer? The second layer dried a little slower, but still quite fast. That’s what I really like about O.P.I nail polishes! The second layer doesn’t really look very different than the first one, it only became a little bit more shiny.

For the destroying test I run my nail under warm water for like a minute and after that I will go over the nail with a scourer. This is the result from that!

Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 5

there is some chipping, and the shine is almost gone. Because I run it under warm water some nail polishes become a bit soft but this nail polish still feels hard. It doesn’t look too bad!


  • Application: 8/10 (It went very smoothly).
  • Opaqueness: 9/10 (Not perfect on first layer, but very opaque and not streaky).
  • First layer: 7/10 (Not perfectly opaque).
  • Second layer: 10/10 (Nothing to complain).
  • Shine: 8/10 (It has quite a lot of shine, but I have some nail polishes with more shine).
  • Formula: 9/10 (It’s not too thick or too drippy, applied nicely).
  • Drying time: 7/10 (First layer dried fast, second layer took longer).
  • Color: 7/10 (It’s a pretty color, but it’s a little too dark to my liking).


Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 6


I never really used the nail polishes from W7, but I really like the bright blue color. The name of the color is: fluorescent blue!

Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 7

This is what the first layer of this nail polish looks like. It’s kinda streaky and you can still see my nail underneath the nail polish, which I really don’t like! Also the polish was dripping a lot, It didn’t applied as well as the O.P.I one. It was a regular drying time, but it was a lot slower than O.P.I. I do like the color more of this one, it’s a nice bright blue color.

Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 8

This is the second layer! You can still see my nail… I guess this one need a third layer, or even a fourth… It didn’t dry  very well and I didn’t see a lot of shine. It’s such a pity, because I really like the color. Why doesn’t it work!!!

For the destroying test I did exactly the same thing as the other one and this is how it turned out!

Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 9

With this one it went a  little different. There is also a little bit of chipping, but because of the warm water this nail polish became very soft and it feels like gummies right now. After the test I can easily scrape off the nail polish with my nail, because it became gummy. The O.P.I one stayed hard, so that one passed the test a little better than this one!


  • Application: 5/10 (Very streaky and drippy).
  • Opaqueness: 6/10 (You can still see my nail underneath, and it’s not very even).
  • First layer: 4/10 (Really see-through and streaky, did not dry very fast).
  • Second layer: 6/10 (A little better, but still the same problems as the first layer).
  • Shine: 6/10 (It’s not matte, but I can’t really call it shiny though).
  • Formula: 5/10 (Really thin and drippy).
  • Drying time: 7/10 (Not too bad, but I like it faster 😉 ).
  • Color: 9/10 (I really like the color, more than the O.P.I).


Pinitnail polish battle o.p.i vs w7 10

I guess you already know which one the winner is? Yes, the winner is…. O.P.I!!! The nail polish from O.P.I performs a lot better than the one from W7. If the O.P.I one was in the color of the nail polish of W7, it would be perfect!

I hope you all liked this little nail polish battle! Hope you all had a wonderful day!


What is your favorite nail polish color to wear? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Eilish
    May 11, 2016

    I love OPI and that color!

  • Dinja
    May 11, 2016

    Leuk dat je ze met elkaar vergelijkt! Ik had ook ooit eens een W7 nagellakje maar die dekte ook echt waardeloos.
    Hm een favoriete nagellak kleur… Dan ga ik toch wel voor paars! 🙂

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 14, 2016

      Haha ja, ze zijn niet echt zo’n succes nee! Wel jammer 🙁

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