Nails Inc – Matte Topcoat Review.

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Nails Inc – Matte Topcoat Review.

Hello Blushies! Today I’m gonna review the Nails Inc Matte Topcoat! I’ve never tried a matte topcoat before, so this would be interesting! The question is, will it work?

I’ve got this one in a previous StyleTone box, and I was really exited! I saw so many pretty picture of matte nails on Pinterest, so I can’t wait to try it myself. I chose for black nails to test it on, I think that would look so pretty matte!


This is what it looks like. I really like Nails Inc nail polishes, so I have high hopes. The bottle is a matte glass bottle, which is so appropriate!


The formala is really nice. It applies smoothly, and paints on glossy. When it dries (which is quite fast) it turns into a matte finish. The brush is a little bit on the small side, it would paint a lot better if the brush was just a tiny bit bigger.


Here is the before and after. On the left side I applied just the black nail polish, and on the right side I have the matte topcoat on top of it. You can see that the shine is increased quite a bit. It still has a bit of a shine, but I can definitely call this matte!

Matte nails are quite a big deal to obtain. Of course it stays matte, but when it gets wet or oily from your fingers it looks glossy. When you wipe them clean they are matte again, but still a bit of a struggle sometimes.


These are the results! I must say that I really prefer matte black nail polish over glossy. It looks really chic and special in some way. I also put on a glittery accent nail as finishing touch. I really like my manicure, simple but classy!

What’s on my nails?

As base coat I used the Essence 2 in 2 Base & Top Coat. Then I put 2 coats of the black nail polish from Catrice on, in the color 39 Black To The Routes. For the purple glittery accent nail I used the Rimmel Space Dust nail polish in the color 006 Moon Walking. I of course topt it off with the Nails Inc matte topcoat on the black nails, and the Essence 2 in 1 Base & top coat on the accent nail to add some shine.

Pinitnails inc-matte-topcoat-3

What do you think guys? I tink this is a really good nail polish. It does what it says, dries quickly and applies well! The only thing I would change is the brush and then it would be perfect!


What do you prefer? Matte or glossy nails? Let me know in the comments!


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