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Hi beauties! Today I have another review for you guys, today I’m reviewing the NYC Big Bold Volume By The Lash Mascara. So if you wanna know my thoughts about this mascara then keep on reading!

Pinitnyc volume by the lash mascara

NYC is a really affordable brand, I don’t have a lot of products by them but for the things I’ve tried I think it’s an okay brand, it’s not like WOW but also not super bad. This mascara I got from a friend once and it’s the NYC Big Bold Volume By The Lash Mascara in this super bold bright yellow packaging which I kinda like, it’s definitely eye catching.

Pinitnyc volume by the lash mascara

This mascara is supposed to give you super volume and it’s separating. They also say it’s easy to remove.

Pinitnyc volume by the lash mascara

The brush is a plastic bristle brush which I like, but I must say that I was kinda shocked when I saw the brush because it’s HUGE and not even a little, I think I’ve never seen a mascara brush this big. Like you can see there is also a lot of mascara on the wand which kinda means clumpy lashes.

Pinitnyc volume by the lash mascara

This is what the mascara looks like on my lashes, like you can see it is a bit clumpy.

Pinitnyc volume by the lash mascara

I’m not really blown away by this mascara unfortunately. The big brush is not giving you any extra volume but it’s also really difficult to work with because it’s so big. There is also a lot of product on it so you can’t really go through your lashes to separate them because they end up with a lot of product on them. The formula is also quite wet and ends up everywhere when you blink when it’s not completely dry yet. Also because it’s wet it also makes your lashes droop a bit and doesn’t hold curl well. The positive things are that it does stay on your lashes quite well and I haven’t experienced any smudging. It takes a lot of work but when you know how to apply this mascara it can look quite pretty on the lashes, I only don’t really find it volumizing which this mascara is all about. Removing it wasn’t super easy but it’s also not the worst. If you don’t have super high standards or you don’t mind putting some work in it I think it can be a great mascara. I don’t think I will repurchasing it as I have mascaras that work a lot better for me.

– The NYC Big Bold Volume By The Lash Mascara retails for €4,49 at Kruidvat.

That was everything for today! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What is your favorite mascara? Let me know in the comments!


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