NYX – 03 Be Our Guest Maurice Palette + Swatches.

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NYX – 03 Be Our Guest Maurice Palette + Swatches.

Hi loves! Today I’m gonna review a little palette by NYX from the Love In Paris range. If wanna know my thoughts, and see some swatches, then keep on reading! I even made an eye-look with it for you guys!

Pinitnyx 03 be our guest maurice palette

Here is the gorgeous little palette. It is the NYX Love In Paris palette in the color 03 Be Our Guest Maurice. The colors are all purple toned and there are 9 eyeshadows in this palette. They are all shimmery except for the black one, that one is the only matte shade. I love the packaging from this range, with the little plastic black bow on the opening.

Pinitnyx 03 be our guest maurice palette (3)

The colors don’t have any names, only numbers. I wish they had names so you knew which color I’m talking about, but alright. The colors look very pretty in the pans, but I must say that they are not as pigmented unfortunately. Some do show up pretty well, but some shades are barely visible.

Pinitnyx 03 be our guest maurice palette (5)

Here are some swatches on my arm! You can see what I mean here with the pigmentation. Shade 2, 3 and 7 are the weakest in pigmentation. The darker colors show up really pretty. The black one is really pigmented, but also kind of streaky while applying. The eyeshadows are also very powdery, which I don’t really like. Especially the first one, so fallout will happen with these shadows.

Pinitnyx 03 be our guest maurice palette (1)

If you’re looking for a popping colorful eye-look, this palette is not it! The colors look really soft and light. I wish they were much more bright. I love NYX as a brand, but this one disappointed me a little bit. I was expecting a lot more, and a lot more vibrant colors because that is what I like! Besides from that, I do love the colors for a soft look. It’s not my best palette, but I don’t hate it either. What do you think? They blend average. Not too streaky but also not super easy. They do stay on nice during the day, so that is a plus!

Pinitnyx 03 be our guest maurice palette (4)

They have 12 palettes in this range in total. All different color combinations. I would love to buy the grey one; A La Mode. It looks very pretty!


What are your favorite eyeshadow colors? Let me know in the comments! 


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