Ombre Lips!

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Ombre Lips!

Let’s do something fun! Let’s pump up the lip game a little. We shall make some Ombre Lips! Ombre Lips are quite popular these days, and it give a really cool effect to your lips as well. Another bonus is that it gives your lips a more plumped look! Wanna know how to do them? Then keep on reading!

Pinitombre lips

This is the look that I was going for! A purple/pink ombre. You can do the ombre with any color you’ll like. You can do a dark red and bright red one, a nude one or even two totally different colors! I must say that the pictures didn’t do the ombre its justice, the gradient was much more noticeable in the real world! So my apologies! It is a really simple way to make your lipstick pop a bit more, and, everyone can do this! Even though it looks complicated, it is super simple and even beginners can do this little trick! If you want to make your lips looking a bit bigger, this is also a good way to achieve that. It’s a bit like contouring for the lips. Here we go!

Pinitombre lips 2

These are the steps in pictures. But of course I’m gonna explain the rest in words, so it’s a bit easier to understand!


Step 1:
Make sure that your lips aren’t as dry. It looks much better without all those pieces of loose skin picking through! If you have dry lips, scrub them beforehand. When your lips are nice and smooth, we’re gonna make a blank canvas. Put some foundation or concealer over your lips, so that your lip color a muted down a little. Now every color you’ll put on is gonna be the true color of the lipstick. Cuz it’s way easier to paint on a nice white piece off paper…uhhh…lips.

Step 2:
Outline your lips using the darkest color of your ombre, mine was purple of course. If you don’t have a matching lip pencil, grab a small brush and use the brush to pick up the color from the lipstick, and outline it that way.

Step 3:
Now that you have an outline, fill the outside/corners of the lip in the same color. Do it first with the pencil or brush so it’s more precised, after that you can go over that with the lipstick itself. Look at the picture above if you don’t understand šŸ™‚

Step 4:
Now it’s time for the middle part of the lips. Use a light color for that, I choose a bright pink! This is the simple part, just grab your lipstick and apply it on the middle of your lips where there is no lipstick on yet. Now rub your lips together to blend the two colors together, and now you have an ombre lip! If you want a little bit more “pop” in the middle of your lips, you can dab a little bit of highlighter with your finger on the middle part of your lips! Now the look is complete!


I hope you all liked this “How To” for ombre lips! If you’re gonna recreate this, share it on Instagram and tag me @beautyblushsam. I would really like seeing the result on all of you beauties, I know it would look gorgeous on you guys!


What color Ombre do you love most? Let me know in the comments!Ā 


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  • Eilish
    April 7, 2016

    I still have to try this!

  • Dinja
    April 8, 2016

    Het ziet er gaaf uit! Ik ben alleen niet zo’n lipstick persoon dus zal het niet zo snel proberen.
    Hoe krijg je trouwens je lipstick zo netjes met een piercing in šŸ™‚ ?

    • Beauty-Blush
      April 9, 2016

      Ik hield ook nooit zoveel van lipstick maar ben er wel wat meer van gaan houden! En leuk dat je het vraagt! Het is eigenlijk best simpel haha, ik draai mn piercing gewoon naar benede, op die manier kan ik gewoon normaal lippenstift opdoen. Daarna draai ik hem gewoon weer terug šŸ™‚

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