OOPS! We Landed On A Nudist Beach! | Dear Diary Week 19.

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OOPS! We Landed On A Nudist Beach! | Dear Diary Week 19.

Hi Guys! Another Dear Diary! This week was the ultimate summer weather, we went to the beach a lot, we went longboarding, did some shopping and we landed on a nudist beach, OOPS! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I played some games on my iPad in the morning. In the afternoon we went to my parents, to have something to drink and catch up on things. It was nice! On our way back home we picked up some groceries, and back home we cooked and ate dinner. After that we sat on the patio and I did some catching up with my social media. Back inside I wrote a post and we’ve had a nice relaxing evening without tv. That was kinda nice 🙂

On Tuesday it was kinda hot. The whole week it’s going to be 30°C (about 90°F). Believe me in the Netherlands that is really hot, haha. We went to the beach today, and walked there for a while. We also grabbed an ice cream. Back home we sat on the patio and in the evening I had quite a lot of energy even though it was hot, so we went for a ride on our longboards.

Pinitdear diary week 19 (2)

It’s getting dark so early right now, really not liking it! Back home we watched a movie and went to bed 🙂

On Wednesday I went to work, it was again very warm! It was fun again. In the lunch break we chilled outside in the shades. It’s way too hot for me…

Pinitdear diary week 19 (3)

Back home I grabbed a milkshake, yummy! It’s Luna’s (my cat) birthday today, she’s turning four! Unfortunately she didn’t have the greatest birthday, it was way too hot for her as well. We also did a tour on the scooter. We went to another beach this time. Because it was so hot I decided to go paddling. I haven’t touched the sea in years, and it felt sooo good! The water was nice and cold, I wish I could stand and walk in there all day long, haha!

Pinitdear diary week 19 (4)

Made this picture on the beach, so in love with it 🙂 Of course I couldn’t stand there for the whole day, so with a sad face I went out and we went back home. We picked up some food and had dinner. In the evening I removed my blackheads, for today’s post: How I Remove My Blackheads. (Routine). I made some pictures and wrote my blog post. After that we watched a movie.

On Thursday It was still really hot. I wore a dress today, in the beginning I felt really insecure, but when I wore it for some time and everybody said it looked nice, I didn’t really care anymore, yay me! 🙂 We went to sit on the patio. There were a lot of people and it was quite fun chatting and all. For dinner we didn’t want to cook because it was so hot, so we decided to go to MacDonald’s. After that we made a trip with the scooter. We wanted to go to Ritthem this time. We wanted to go to the beach there to go paddling. We stopped at the first beach we saw. When standing there my boyfriend notice some naked people, so he said; I think this is a nudist beach. I looked and said, no that can’t be, I’ve been here before and they’re not all naked as far as I can see. We walked towards the beach, and yep they were all naked… So uhmm no paddling here then, haha. We had such a laugh!

Pinitdear diary week 19 (5)

The view was amazing though (the beach view, not the naked people…lol). We decided to go elsewhere, so we went to Flushing to go paddling there. We walked on the beach and in the water, it was a super lovely evening. Back home I took a refreshing shower, and after that we watched another movie.

On Friday I chilled a bit and worked on my blog in the afternoon. I did some swatches and made some pictures. I also wrote a blog post. In the evening it was time to go to my horseback riding lesson. I went on my favorite horse; Caretino. It went really well, but it was quite hot. We cantered a lot this time. I was so sweaty and tired, haha. We also went to the pond but my horse is scared of water, so that was a bit of a bummer. Back home we watched another episode of 60 Days In. After that we went to sleep.

On Saturday I woke up with a lot of muscle pain. Probably from the long canter session yesterday. There is a new horseback riding shop in Flushing. I really needed some new gear, because my pants died yesterday. All my gear was kind of getting old, so I needed some new stuff. We went there in the afternoon. It was a super nice store, and I bought some lovely new things. New pants, socks, helmet and chaps. I’m so happy with all my new things! 🙂

Pinitdear diary week 19 (1)

Now I only need a matching new shirt! Back home we ate something. In the evening I cut Luna’s nails, did some cleaning and cleaned the kitty litter box. I also played with her with a bucket of water and some toys. It was quite fun. I don’t know why, but I’m extremely hot and sweaty today. I was really overheating and there was nothing that would cool me down. I was so done with it, I didn’t know what to do anymore! We watched a film and went to bed. Luckily I did get to sleep quite easily even though I was so hot.

On Sunday I watched some YouTube, and played some games on my iPad. I was feeling much better today! I also brushed Luna, it was so needed!

Pinitdear diary week 19 (6)

Now I can make myself a new sweater, haha! After that we sat on the patio and in the evening we did a trip with the scooter again. It was so windy, we almost blew away! Back home I wrote another blogpost about the Q&A I’m having soon, and watched another movie!

That was it for this week! Don’t forget to ask your questions for my upcoming Q&A! 🙂


What is the most embarrassing moment of your week? Let me know in the comments!


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