Pamper Sundays #12.

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Pamper Sundays #12.

This Pamper Sundays I’m gonna test another TonyMoly product! I’m gonna try one of their sheet mask, which are getting more and more popular! They have so many, but I choose the Avocado one. Is it worth the hype?

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This is a sheet mask from TonyMoly. It’s from the I’m Real collection, and they have many different sheet masks from this line. TonyMoly is an Asian brand, which makes skincare products.

They have so many, and I really didn’t know which one to choose! I choose the Avocado one, because it’s a moisturizing mask, and because my skin is always quite dry I thought this one suited me the best. The packaging of this mask is quite big, I must say. I don’t know why but when I look at it, it looks like a healthy thing to put on your face, haha. I really like the big Avocado on the top, they do that with every sheet mask in this line. That’s quite handy because now you know what the main ingredient is in the mask.

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I don’t understand Japanese so I looked some things about this mask up on the internet. The major ingredients in this mask are; Avocado extract, Macadamia oil and Apricot extract. It gives soft care and has 3 layers of pulp which moisturizes deeply. The Avocado extract gives nutrition and leaves you with a soft and silky skin! It’s free from; Paraben, Talc, Benzophenone, Triethanol and Tar coloring. It says that this Avocado mask makes dull skin radiant and glowing.

According to the directions you need to cleanse your face first. Then you tear open the packaging and apply the mask to your face, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the mask and pat the left over product into the skin! It sounds quite simple, so let’s do this!

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Here we go! Why does sheet masks never seem to fit my face? Do you guys have that problem as well? I do really love sheet masks though. They are so easy, and you don’t need to scrub anything off your face! So if you’re lazy 😉 haha. The mask felt really nice on my face, it was very relaxing. And look how funny I look! I didn’t slide off my face and it smelled amazing! Weirdly enough it smelled like fabric softener! You can never go wrong with a smell like that, right? After 30 minutes I removed the mask and patted the left over product in to my skin. My face feels nice and fresh, and really calm and relaxed. My skin looks healthy and glowy and feels amazingly soft! I am really in love with this thing! So I think it’s definitely worth the hype! I’m positive that I’m gonna buy more sheet masks of the I’m Real line, really want to try out the other ones out there!

They also have:

  • Tea Tree skin soothing.
  • Broccoli vitality.
  • Aloe Moisturizing.
  • Rice clear skin.
  • Red Wine pore care.
  • Pomegranate elasticity.
  • Tomato radiance.
  • Lemon brightening.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday’s! Stay beautiful everyone!


Which one of these mask do you want to try? Let me know in the comments!


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