Pamper Sundays #2

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Pamper Sundays #2.

This Pamper Sundays it’s also a tea tree & peppermint mask, but this time it’s a foot pack! I thought it was a funny idea and I’ve never seen a mask for your feet as well, so really special! I wish that there were more foot masks on the market because sometimes your feet also need a little bit of love, right?

Pinitpamper sundays 2.1

The mask says that it penetrates deep into the skin to reduce callus build up and to help repair and soften cracked and split heels, Let’s see if it works! I don’t really have cracked heels or a lot of callus, but my feet do get dry really easy so I hope it works for that as well!

Pinitpamper sundays 2.2

These are the the instructions on how to use it and the ingredients. The most important ingredients in this mask are; Tea Tree, Peppermint, Shea Butter, Ginkgo, Almond and Vitamine E. Looking at the ingredients, I think it will be really moisturizing! The instructions say that you first need to wash and dry your feet thoroughly. After that you need to unfold the boots and wear them for 20 minutes. The instructions don’t say what you need to do after the 20 minutes so that’s a little bit weird. I just patted the product into my skin and wiped away the exces. I hope that that was the right thing that I was supposed to do haha.

Pinitpamper sundays 2.3

Here are my new shoes guys! Aren’t they pretty? Just kidding! I really laughed when I putted these things on my feet, let’s just say that it was an “experience”. When I took them out of their packaging the peppermint was really strong! The whole room was filled with the nice fresh smell of peppermint! At least now I knew that after this treatment my feet were going to be smelling really really fresh, so if you have smelly feet you now know what to buy haha. The boots were really comfy and really easy! I could just relax and I didn’t need to worry about smearing it everywhere in my house (like I always have with face masks..) I must say that you do get quite cold feet when wearing this, but that’s fine. After 20 minutes I removed my fashionable boots and rubbed the left over product in the skin. after that I wiped my feet dry with a towel. I think I did have to wash them afterwards because the whole evening my feet were feeling quite burning because of the peppermint! Better next time! My feet smelled really fresh and they felt oh so soft! They looked like baby feet, I was really happy with the results and I had much fun doing it as well! I think I would use this mask again if my feet are feeling really dry! I still think it’s weird that the face mask didn’t smell like peppermint at all and this one so extremely strong!

I hope you liked this weeks Pamper Sundays! What was your craziest mask you’ve ever tried? Let me know in the comments! I’ll see you beauties next time!


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