Pamper Sundays #3

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Pamper Sundays #3

I’m sorry for this late Pamper Sundays guys! I had a migraine yesterday so I couldn’t write an article, but I feel much better now! Today I am gonna do this Creamy Coconut mask from Montagne Jeunesse. Let’s relax together!

Pinitpamper sundays 3.1

I love the masks from this brand! They have so many variaties, there is a face mask for everyone! Peel off, cream masks, clay masks etc.

Pinitpamper sundays 3.2

Looking at the back of the packaging you can see all the ingredients and how to apply the mask. The ingredients are all natural or safe man made! This is a hydrating and moisturizing face mask. I never tried this one before so I am very excited!

I first cleansed my face and ripped the packaging open. I always find it easier to squeeze the mask into a bowl and then apply it on my face instead of applying it right out of the packaging, it spares you the clumsiness haha. When I applied it, I noticed that it smelled really nice but I can’t place what kind of smell it was in the beginning. Of course it smelled like coconut, but it did also smell of something else. It’s a little bit weird but I smell a marzipan smell as well! I don’t know what it is, if I’m the crazy one here or that it is indeed a marzipan smell! If you ever tried this mask please tell me I’m not crazy and that you smelled it too šŸ™‚ Alright let’s move on!

Pinitpamper sundays 3.3

This is how it looked like on my face! Pretty isn’t it? The cream felt really soft and it wasn’t irritating or something. It felt really nice on my skin! When it was time to rub it of (which I always hate) My skin looked really nice and fresh, like I just bought a new face! My skin felt clean and hydrated, only the dry patches on my cheeks were still there, so that’s a shame šŸ™ I am very happy I tried this mask! I give it a big thumbs up! (but let’s face it, which face mask doesn’t do it’s job of making you skin feel soft?).

That was it for today! I hope you beauties had a lovely and relaxing Sunday! I talk to you guys again tomorrow!


Do you like coconut smell? What kind off face mask do you prefer? Peel off, cream or clay. Let me know in the comments!


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X- Sam.


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