Pamper Sundays #6.

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Pamper Sundays #6.

I ordered some exciting new things for my Pamper Sundays series! Some funny Asian pamper products. Today we’re gonna test out this Panda Sheet Mask. It looks adorable!

Pinitpamper sundays 6

I am so excited to try this one out! I can’t read Japanese, so bare with me with the information!

Pinitpamper sundays 6.1

This is how the packaging looks like, it’s matte black and looks quite luxurious! It is a whitening mask, (don’t worry it doesn’t make you instantly white!) They also had different kinds of sheet mask, but I choose this one! Also because it was the cutest! šŸ™‚ It says it is a whitening mask to restore dull and rough skin with brightening energy delivering luminosity and softness. It sounds good!

Pinitpamper sundays 6.2

There are some instruction images on the back and surprise surprise, there are also English directions! So YAY! You first need to wash you face and tone. Then you apply the mask and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. After that you remove the mask and pat gently the remaining product into the skin. Let’s put this baby on my face!

Pinitpamper sundays 6.3

This is how it looks! I felt soo cute, haha! When I took it out of the packaging, it was dripping wet, so it went everywhere! It smelled really nice, like lemons! I really enjoyed the smell of it, it was very refreshing. When putting it on my face I had another problem! The mask had really small holes for your eyes, like you can see. And, because it was dripping so much I was quite scared to get it into my eyes! On the packaging it says that you may not get it into your eyes, so that was a little bit scary! It was a nice experience, after 20 minutes or so I removed the mask. My skin felt really nice and soft and looked nice! I had no allergic reaction, so that’s also very nice! After the mask I felt really relaxed and my face felt cozy warm and a little bit sleepy! I think this is a really nice mask to do in the evening, before going to bed. I never had a mask that makes me cozy and sleepy so that was kind off a surprise for me, because I always find it hard to relax!

I can really say that I love this mask, and I think I might try some other Animals in the future! šŸ™‚Ā But I do think they can make the eyeholes a little bit bigger.

I’ll see you all tomorrow, Little Panda’s! Hope you all had a great day!


What is your favorite animal?? Let me know in the comments! My fave animals are sheep, I love them!


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X- Sam.



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  • Dinja
    March 27, 2016

    Klinkt als een fijn masker ^_^
    En het ziet er inderdaad schattig uit!

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