Pamper Sundays Announcement!

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Pamper Sundays Announcement!

This time not a regular Pamper Sundays post! I’m gonna make some changes in the Pamper Sundays Series. If you wanna know what’s gonna change, then keep on reading!

Like you can see in the title, I have an announcement! Pamper Sundays is gonna make some new changes. I wanted to write a special post about this to explain how the new Pamper Sundays is gonna look from now on!

I really like my Pamper Sundays series, but I was not truly happy about. I didn’t want to change up everything without telling you guys, because you guys need to know, in my opinion. Not that you expect a delicious face mask and all of a sudden it’s something totally different, and think like, huh what’s this!

I think pampering yourself is a really good way to treat yourself right and make time for YOU! It’s a good way to love and appreciate yourself a little bit more! That’s why I do want to continue this series. But when I look at it, it just seemed to got a little boring to me, that’s why it needs some changes!.

So what are the changes you might ask?

I want to spread the horizon a little in case of pampering. Pampering is not only face masks, so I started my series a little bit stupid. There is more in the world of pampering but face masks, right? That’s why I also want to post some other stuff like; pamper tips, skincare tips, relaxing tips and all that kind of jazz..

The new Pamper Sundays is all about loving yourself, and having the best little YOU time you’ve ever had!


If you have any troubles relaxing, or you totally have no clue on how to pamper yourself. Always feel free to ask questions in the comments or E-mail, and I might make a full post out of that! If you have a suggestion for anything, please let me know, because I really like to know what you guys want to see in this series!

I hope you’re all ready for some amazing tips, caring products, masks and routines! And I will see you beauties next Sunday! Don’t forget to love yourselves guys!


What is your favorite way to pamper yourself? Let me know in the comments!


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x S.



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  • Dinja
    May 22, 2016

    Ik ben benieuwd hoe je nieuwe Pamper Sundays eruit komen te zien 😀
    Het is best slecht voor het milieu (sorry milieu) maar als ik even een me-time heb dan douche ik het liefst lekker lang. Met een heerlijke douchegel, douchescrub of een lekker ruikend zeepje erbij ^^

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 25, 2016

      Dat is inderdaad echt super lekker! Kan je lekker even relaxen! Elk persoon heeft dat wel eens nodig nu en dan tog!? Ik hoop dat je de nieuwe Pamper Sundays leuk gaat vinden! 🙂 X

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