Project Pan | Update #4.

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Project Pan | Update #4.

Hi guys! It’s time for another project pan update! So if you’re curious on how I did this month’s Project Pan and wanna know if emptied anything this month then keep on reading!

I feels like it’s going worse every month and I don’t know why, maybe I get a bit bored of using the same things over and over again? Don’t worry I will continue, I won’t let it win haha! If you wanna know more about this project and all my products check out my Starting Project Pan post, also don’t forget to read update 1, 2 and 3!


Pinitproject pan

Maybelline Super Stay 24H Concealer in Light 2.

I still haven’t tried this one as much, I just don’t know what to do with it, it’s half full but it’s just too dark 🙁

NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer.

This one I did use, although it feels almost empty there is still a lot that can come out, it’s never ending!

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in C1 Ivory Rose.

This one I did use quite a lot, it’s just so hard to empty foundations in my opinion.

Pinitproject pan

L’Oreal Infallible 24H Powder Foundation in 123 Warm Vanilla.

In this one you do see some changes! Now that it’s almost empty it’s a bit difficult to get some product on my brush, but I will keep using it until it’s completely empty.

Pinitproject pan

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 20 Babydoll.

You don’t see it as much but the dent is a little deeper now, I don’t use it all the time but I try to use it as much as I can.

Pinitproject pan

Gerard Brinard Eye Brow Kit.

This one I’m just tearing apart haha! The darker brown shade is going like a train, I’m still using it every day!

Pinitproject pan

Catrice Glam & Doll Curl and Volume Mascara.

I used this one a lot more this time and I think it’s almost gone, I used it almost everyday.

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara.

This one I also used quite well, I don’t know how far this one is though.

Etos Stay Perfect Lash & Brow gel.

This one is half gone, I use this every day but still it’s going really slow and I don’t know why!

Pinitproject pan

Essence Eyeshadow in 06 Metropolitan.

This one I used also a lot this last month. You can really see a difference in this one as well. Very happy with it!

Pinitproject pan

Catrice Absolute Nude Palette in 010 All Nude.

And again, I totally forgot about this one! There is basically no change, this next month I’m really gonna use it haha!

Pinitproject pan

Essence Quattro in 07 Over The Taupe.

With this one you can also see a bit of a change. You don’t see it but the dent in the lighter grey shade is quite deep, I think it’s almost hitting pan!

Pinitproject pan

Essence Lipstick in 53 All About Cupcake.

I did use this one but not as much as I’m supposed to, I think it gotten a little bit smaller but I can’t see it that well.


Pinitproject pan

Vichy Normaderm Toner.

This one also got down a little bit again. It’s now just under the “V”.

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfections and Hydrating Cream.

I also totally forgot about this one, OOPS! But when I use this one my foundation acts a bit weird with it so I don’t like using it with foundation, maybe I can try to use it on makeup free days.

Kruidvat Cleansing Milk for Sensitive skin.

EMPTY! I emptied this in update 3.

Andrelon Dry Shampoo.

I also didn’t really touch this one, it’s so close but yet so far!

Pinitproject pan

I actually did better than I expected! You can really see some changes this time, maybe we’re finally getting somewhere (let’s hope so). Let’s hope for even better results next month!

I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What did you empty this month? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    March 16, 2017

    Ondanks dat je het zelf niet zo goed vond gaan deze maand vind ik dat je al behoorlijk ver bent gekomen hoor 🙂
    Soms heb je gewoon een maandje dat het wat minder gaat met zo’n challenge, moet kunnen! Succes nog ^^

    • Beauty-Blush
      March 17, 2017

      Ja het verbaasde me nogal! Ik dacht eigenlijk dat ik slechter had gedaan dan dat ik had,haha. Dankje! X

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