Re-Piercing My Nose & 800 Subs! | Dear Diary Week 34.

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Re-Piercing My Nose & 800 Subs! | Dear Diary Week 34.

Hello loves! This week I did some blog things, my StyleTone arrived, re-pierced my nose piercing, and I’ve reached 800 blog subscribers! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I listened to some 90’s music which was fun again, haha! Diet is still going okay, so I’m happy. Today behind door number 5 of my Advent Calendar was a Venus Magic Legs BB cream. I’m really curious about this one, it’s also a really nice size!

Pinitdouglas adventskalender

I also did a big clean up in the house and went to town because I needed a new planner. I really need to get more organised blog wise. We also bought a new pan because our old one was a total mess. This is the planner I bought, it’s really cute and the red bits are metallic. It’s also really handy, it has the days and a notes and to do section!


Back home we had dinner and in the evening I wrote a blogpost and watched some series.

On Tuesday I watched some YouTube and changed my tunnels into something different, now I have these leopard plugs in my ears šŸ™‚ I think they are super cute.


Behind door number 6 there was this EOS Lip Balm in blackberry. It smells delicious and I love EOS, so I was pretty happy with this one!

Pinitdouglas adventskalender

I did some things for my blog and decided to paint my nails. I went for a nude winter look. I used the Meeki nail polish from one of my StyleTone boxes and an Essence snow topcoat.

Pinitnude nails

What you guys think? After dinner I took a shower and tidied the bedroom a bit. I watched a movie and went to bed.

On Wednesday I went to work. I was kinda fun today and it was nice to talk to everyone again. Back home I chilled for a bit on the couch and watched some YouTube. Behind number 7 there was this little thing.

Pinitdouglas adventskalender

It’s the Bellessence Hydro Splash. I don’t really know how it works but it sounds great. I also did some laundry and made some pictures. Then I decided to finally re-pierce my nose! I wanted to do this for such a long time because the placement bothered me for years but I was just too lazy to do it again (I pierce every piercing myself, I have professional piercing stuff and I do it clean and safe so don’t worry!). I was a bit nervous because it’s been years that I’ve pierced something, but it didn’t actually hurt as bad as I thought it would.


Here is my new nose piercing. I pointed out my old one with an arrow, you can see that that one was far too low, now it finally looks good and I’m happy šŸ™‚ In the evening I wrote a blog post and watched a movie. My nose started to hurt quite a bit and was pretty swollen, I hope it’s gone tomorrow.

On Thursday I cleaned up and watched some YouTube. I did a makeup look and made some pictures. I also cleaned the bathroom. Behind number 8 was this Douglas Home Spa Hand Cream, really lovely.

Pinitdouglas adventskalender

My nose is looking a lot better now, the swelling is almost gone. In the evening I chilled a bit and watched a movie.

On Friday I looked on my WordPress and saw that I’ve reached 800 subscribers!! I’m so happy! 800 is such a big number, thanks so much guys! Today my new StyleTone box arrived and I love the products, I guess it’s the best box! You will see the unboxing later this week so stay tuned.

Pinitstyletone box december 2016

I wrote a blog post and in the evening I went to horseback riding. It went pretty well. We also went without stirrups and I almost slide off my horse, haha! There was also some not so good news… My show for show night tomorrow was cancelled so I was quite sad because I was really looking forward to it šŸ™ Back home I chilled a bit on the couch and watched some tv. Behind door number 10 was this Douglas Black Eye Pencil, really handy and super pigmented!

Pinitdouglas adventskalender

On Saturday the weather was really gloomy and depressing. I didn’t really do anything today, watched a bit of YouTube, gamed, and edited a lot of pictures. For dinner I made some soup which was delicious! In the evening I went on with editing and watched a documentary. Behind number 10 was this little Daytox Daily Hydration, really interesting!

Pinitdouglas adventskalender

On Sunday I again didn’t really do much, lazy weekends haha! Did a blogpost and looked up some things about YouTube. I kinda want to start a YouTube channel some day, but I’m really camera shy so I don’t really know how that is going to turn out. What do you guys think? Shall I start a YouTube channel? Let me know! Behind number 11 was this AnnaYake Rollerball perfume. It smells amazing, so I’m really happy!

Pinitdouglas adventskalender

I wrote a blogpost and watched some tv in the evening.

That was my week guys, I hope you all had a wonderful week and I will see you all next time!


Shall I start a YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Kristen
    December 13, 2016

    Yes start a youtube channel!!

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