Revamping Our Home | Part 1.

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Hi guys! I hope you all have had a nice week, mine was a bit chaotic as we have a major leak in our house and we can’t ride our scooter anymore so we now have nowhere to go as our scooter was our only transport and a wet house… great! On the other hand I did pick a wedding dress this week so there are also happy times 🙂 Now about this post.

When me and my boyfriend decided to live together it was all a bit rushy, we needed to move in within a week so we didn’t really have time to make our home our home if you know what I mean. We just painted the walls all boring white and bought the cheapest best things we could find. Now that we’re living here for a while we want to decorate our home how we want and buy pretty decorations and furniture. We have a lot of big plans for it but with a nice looking house and revamping and replacing most of it money comes into play unfortunately. I wish I could buy whatever I want and decorate it all at once  but life isn’t that way.

We also need to save up for the wedding next year so the whole house thing stands second priority right now. So piece by piece we want to revamp our home and make it more “ours”. I thought it would be a nice journey to share with you guys so you can be in it with us and see the changes that our home makes. I hope you guys like the idea 🙂

We started off with painting the walls as I think it’s the first and most important step. I did want to keep a lot of the white still but not all as it was just too much. We decided to paint 1 wall in the living room and the toilet. We chose a nice dark navy which I’m so in love with it looks so much better!

This is what the wall looked like before we painted it, it was all boring and white and with our white furniture it was too much and it also didn’t really feel homey and cozy.

Pinitrevamping our home

And now this is the after, a very nice deep color and so much more contrast and cozyness!

Pinitrevamping our home

I think it’s so much better don’t you think? And it’s only just the start. We also painted our toilet but unfortunately I didn’t make a before photo, how stupid! So you need to do it with your imagination, the toilet was also white before and now it’s looking like this.

Pinitrevamping our home

There is still so much to do but that’s why it’s called a journey right? I don’t know what we’re going to tackle next time, I think something with the wardrobes as they are literally falling apart haha!

I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


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