Revamping Our Home | Part 2.

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Hi guys! I already promised you another part of the Revamping Our Home series so here it is! We revamped a whole lot this time and it was so much fun seeing our visions fall into place. We got some new furniture and I also did an experiment on creating my own wardrobe.

Things that were high on the list were a new coffee table, a carpet and new wardrobes for both of us. I already kinda had in mind what I wanted for everything, the only problem was finding it for a nice price. I’m very happy with how it all came out and it is exactly how I envisioned it. I can’t wait to show you guys.

Pinitrevamping our home

Of course I again forgot to take a before photo of the carpet and the coffee table, UHG! This is the best picture I could find that is a bit recent. We had a shaggy white and light grey mix carpet and a very small square white table. I got the carpet  some years ago but I was young and didn’t know how to care for it lol. It doesn’t look like it but on the inside it’s quite dirty and because of our pets it smelled a little so it was time for a new one and now that I’m a wise adult, uhum I know how to care for it this time. The coffee table I also got years ago for just €1 at my local thrift shop which was a total bargain but now it is just way too small. Originally  the table was from IKEA I believe.

Pinitrevamping our home
Pinitrevamping our home

And this is what it looks like now! I love this carpet so much. I still wanted a light shaggy carpet and I do wanted a pattern this time but I still wanted it to be quite neutral so this is just perfect. I’ve seen this style a lot and I love it so much. The coffee table is like you can see a lot bigger and I guess we’re getting to see the theme around here and that is getting rid of all the white stuff. I don’t know I’m just not feeling the white anymore, it doesn’t feel cozy or homey at all. This coffee table is a medium brown color which is the perfect color that I had in my head. It’s not too big but just right and I love that it has another board on the bottom which you can put stuff on, it’s so much more practical.

Pinitrevamping our home

Now on to my closet. this is what it looked like before, of course white haha and just boring. This one wasn’t even that old but it’s falling apart when you just look at it. We moved our rooms around and let’s just say that these closets don’t like to be moved. The closet of my boyfriend is in an even worse condition as it looks like the tower of Pisa. For the next closet I wanted to create my own that CAN be moved lol.

Pinitrevamping our home

Tadaa! My new closet! Like I said I wanted to create my own instead of buying a “real” closet. I’ve been seeing the open wardrobe style a lot and I really like how it looked and I think it’s also very easy because you can see very easily what clothes you’ve got. I came up with this idea. I bought 2 room dividers and a double bar clothing rack. I think it looks so nice. It looks kinda messy but in a good way it’s weird.

I love all our new little goodies and it feels so much more like home. I can’t wait to update the rest of it. I hope you all like reading this post and I will see you all next time!


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