Revolution – Eyebrow Pomade Medium Brown | Review.

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Hi guys, how are we all doing? I finally have some new makeup to review! I haven’t bought makeup in months and now I finally did including this eyebrow pomade from Revolution. I’ve been filling my brows in with powder for years now, 1 because the pomade that I had was too light and had a greenish tint which wasn’t very nice and 2 it dried out completely. I didn’t use it much but now I really want to have another go at it!

The last one I had was from Freedom so I thought why not use the Revolution one as it’s quite similar. I like my brows darker so instead of picking taupe which I normally use I picked medium brown. In my opinion taupe is just too cool toned which makes it looks greenish. This shade is my perfect shade so I’m very happy about that.

Pinitrevolution brow pomade medium brown

It came in this really nice box and this eyebrow pomade even comes with a brush, it’s a bit hard and the quality isn’t the best but I think it’s a nice touch.

Pinitrevolution brow pomade medium brown

This is the back of the packaging. It says that it’s a smudge proof cream formula for smooth effortless application. Sounds really nice and promising.

Pinitrevolution brow pomade medium brown
Pinitrevolution brow pomade medium brown

This is what’s in the box, the double ended brush which is cut very choppy and the brow pomade in medium brown of course.

Pinitrevolution brow pomade medium brown

This is what the inside looks like and like you can see I’ve already used it haha. It is very creamy but sometimes bigger chunks come with it on my brush which is not that nice. I always wonder with these products how long it takes for them to dry out especially if you open it everyday, let’s hope not too fast!

Pinitrevolution brow pomade medium brown

Here I swatched it on my hand and you can see that it’s a nice deep brown, it’s not too cool toned which I like because that means there won’t be a green tint in certain lighting. It’s also not too warm toned that it’s looking orange. I’m very happy about this color!

Pinitrevolution eyebrow pomade medium brown

This wasn’t my best brow day so I’m sorry for that but this is what the color looks like on my eyebrows, I think it looks very natural and I really like it also how it makes the lines nice and clean without any effort.

I really like this pomade, it applies really easy and the color is perfect! When it’s dried down it is ON and it’s not coming off really easily. I’ve been through rain with these and went to practice which let’s say I sweat a lot haha. They stayed on without smudging but on the end of the day when they need to come off it is weirdly enough fairly easy! I give this eyebrow pomade from Revolution a big thumbs up especially for the price.

– The Revolution Eyebrow Pomade retails for €6,95 at, £6.00 at Superdrug, $8.00 at


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  • thelifeofloux
    October 16, 2018

    Loved this review! I agree it’s such a good pomade and it’s the only one I’ve managed to get along with x

  • Aisha
    October 18, 2018

    Makeup Revolution recently launched in SA (where I’m from) and everyone has been going crazy over their products. I’ve seen this in store but I’m torn between this and the full eyebrow palette. The brow palette has some powders, concealer, brush and pencil which makes it better value. Have you perhaps tried it? Is it any good?

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