Rimmel – Volume Colourist Mascara.

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Rimmel – Volume Colourist Mascara.

Hello beautiful people! Today I’m gonna review the new Volume Colourist mascara from Rimmel London. I must say I’m a little bit disappointed with this mascara! If you wanna know why, then keep on reading!

When I saw the advertisement on tv for this mascara I was very exited. My eyelashes are naturally very blonde and this mascara claimed to tint your eyelashes overtime, how amazing would that be! Let’s take a look at the mascara.

Pinitrimmel volume colourist mascara (2)

This is what the tube looks like. I think the look of this mascara is amazing. I love the purple gradient. It is definitely the prettiest mascara I own right now.

Pinitrimmel volume colourist mascara (4)

The wand of this mascara I was not really sure about. I prefer the silicon wands, and I haven’t used a bristled own in a long time. The wand is a little bit tapered and very stiff, it’s not flexible at all!

Pinitrimmel volume colourist mascara (1)

This is what it looks like on my lashes, and I’m so disappointed! It really does nothing for my lashes, no volume, length or curl. On the pictures it doesn’t look horrible, but that’s because I tried to get it to work for like 10 minutes!

My thoughts:

When I applied it the first time I was not comfortable with the brush, it’s really hard and it hurt my eyes a bit. After a few uses this problem became a bit less. It is a volume mascara, but it doesn’t give me any volume. My lashes never looked this thin with mascara on. It does separate the lashes very well, so that’s one plus. Also right after applying my lashes drooped down and looking very depressed, like I have no eyelashes. I don’t know why but they just won’t stay up with this mascara! There is also not a lot of product that comes off the wand. I couldn’t get my lashes through the wand, they were just gently gliding against the wand instead of being properly “combed”. It does stay on pretty good during the day, but in the evening it just looks like you have no lashes because they drooped down so much… This is a nice mascara for people who like a natural mascara look, but if you’re like me and you like more drama in your lashes I wouldn’t recommend it! The mascara doesn’t get hard, so your lashes feel soft and natural, which I do like!


Let’s talk about the tinting. I really like the idea, but I didn’t really try that part out. They say if you put it on everyday for 2 weeks you can notice slightly darker eyelashes. Let’s face it, who wears makeup everyday? I know I don’t! And with the effect this mascara has on my lashes I didn’t really want to put it on everyday for 2 weeks to see a bit of tinting happening. I think it’s not really worth it. I rather use my eyelash tinting kit and wait for 5 minutes and have dark lashes, than apply this for 2 weeks straight and have a little bit of tinting. If it tinted my lashes in one day, I would love it, but two weeks is kind off an effort. But if you like a natural look, you should definitely go for it!

Sorry for the long rambling post guys, but I just needed to tell you my full thoughts about this mascara! if you’ve tried this mascara yourself let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Pinitrimmel volume colourist mascara (3)


What is your favorite mascara? Let me know in the comments!


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