Silver Shampoo & Order Trouble? | Dear Diary Week 29.

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Silver Shampoo & Order Trouble? | Dear Diary Week 29.

Hi loves! Dear Diary time! This week I finally went to work again, thinking about changing up my hair, having some troubles with my order, and went to my mom’s birthday! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I woke up early. I watched some YouTube and tidied up the house a bit. I turned up the music and went a bit crazy haha, sometimes you just need to do that, who agrees? πŸ™‚ After that I got dressed and went to an appointment. In the afternoon my dad came by. We sat in the sun for a while which was so nice. It was nice seeing him again. When he left we went to pick up some groceries and cooked some dinner back at home. In the evening I wrote a blog post and gamed with my boyfriend. We watched an episode of a series and went to bed!

On Tuesday I had a bit of a chill day. It’s November 1st! Time flies! I watched some YouTube and gamed in the afternoon. I really missed that! In the evening my boyfriend’s brother came by to game with us. It was just a gaming day today.Β In the evening I looked up some blog things and watched another episode. If you read last weeks Dear DiaryΒ you knew I ordered some clothes from the H&M. I still haven’t heard of them, and I kinda start to worry now. It should have been send already! :O

On Wednesday I went off to work again. It has been 3 weeks! It was just a normal day at work, and it was nice to see everyone again. I cuddled with some super cute bunnies!


The weather was being super weird today, it was constantly raining, sun, rain, sun. So weird! Back home I did nothing really special. Gamed again, and wrote a blog post. We had dinner and in the evening we watched The Vampire Diaries. Still no message from the H&M πŸ™

On Thursday I watched some YouTube, gamed a bit and got dressed. I tweeted about my H&M order and I got a response of the customer service! I was still not getting an E-mail that it was send, even though they said it should be here between 1-3 November. They gave me a call, and apparently I had 2 accounts so my order was blocked. Everything is sorted now, so I hope I will get my package soon! πŸ™‚ I made this picture of my cute kitty.


In the afternoon my mom came by. We had a really long appointment and after that I was so tired! I ate some dinner and in the evening I gamed and watched some series.

On Friday I watched some YouTube again. I got dressed and went to another appointment. This one wasn’t that long luckily! After that I did some blog stuff, made some pictures and wrote a blog post. In the evening I went to horseback riding. There was an event so our riding space was limited. It was actually pretty fun, and it went so well this time! I’m really proud of my horsey! Back home I was really cold, winter is coming I guess. I watched an episode and went to bed.

On Saturday I watched some YouTube, and I was thinking about my hair. I want something different, but not drastic. I really want to have a cool toned white/silver blonde, without dyeing it. I looked up some things and I thought, maybe I can achieve it with silver shampoo! I went to the city after doing some experiments on hair extensions. I needed a new winter coat, and I found one that I love! It is a long black one, it looks really classy! I also bought a foamboard, to take blog pictures on πŸ™‚ After that I went to the drugstore for some silver shampoo. I looked at some reviews on the one from Pro Voke and It sounded really nice.

Pinitprovoke touch of silver

Back home I discovered that I bought the wrong one… Like of course… I also had an old silver shampoo, so maybe mixing it will do. In the evening I put a shit load of silver shampoo in my hair and left it on for an hour. After that I took a shower. I didn’t really see a big difference, maybe in some daylight and when it’s dry? After that I gamed with some friends and watched an episode again.

On Sunday It was my mom’s birthday. First I cleaned up some things in the house, did some laundry and did a face mask for today’s post.

Pinitfreeman pomegranate revealing peel off mask

I made some pictures and after that I went to my mom’s. It was a lot of fun and before we knew it it was 6pm. We went home and made some chips. My hair doesn’t really look that different unfortunately πŸ™ I think I’m gonna do the silver shampoo a couple more times, maybe then it will work! In the evening I wrote a blog post and watched some series again!


That was my week again! I hope you all liked reading this post and that you also had a wonderful week! I will see you guys next time!


What is your hair color fantasy? Let me know in the comments!


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